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Be brave: Building a modern industrial system to promote manufacturing high-quality development enhancement port function trade function to create inland open new highlands

On September 29, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to consider the "Hubei Province" high-quality development "14th" planning "; research promoted the high-quality development of the comprehensive bonded area of ??our province, promoting high levels of open initiatives; research deployment Work during the National Day holiday. The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee should be bravely hosted and speaking. The meeting pointed out that manufacturing is "crimping stone" in our province’s economic high-quality development, and it is also an important support for building the future development strategic advantage. It is necessary to continue to promote the seventeen, eight times, nine plenary plenary deployments in the provincial party committee, accelerate the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and achieve the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and strive to create the "51020" modern industrial cluster, build advanced manufacturing leadership, Strategic emerging industries leading, modern service industry driven modern industrial system.

It is necessary to persist in innovation and driving development, continue to increase technological reform investment, vigorously cultivate high-tech enterprises, and speed up digital empowerment, promote the integration of digital economy and physical economic depth. To grab the window period, try to make a chain to make a chain of thin chain, do strong big "core screen network", new energy + intelligent network car, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, high-end medical equipment, new energy Advantageous industries such as new materials, aerospace, Beidou applications, and cultivate more headers, terminal products enterprises. It is necessary to strengthen co-ordination schedule, do a good job in planning, and form a work together. The conference emphasized that the comprehensive bonded area is an important platform for building an open-end economic system, which is an important starting person in service and integration into the new development.

It is necessary to focus on building domestic circulation important nodes and domestic international dual cyclic strategy links, strengthen the construction of the trade test area, the main zone, the customs special supervision area, strengthen the linkage, optimize the functional layout, give full play to the role of customs, and strengthen the port Features, trade functions, service functions, financial functions, speed up the construction of inland open new highlands.

It is necessary to speed up the promotion of expansion, collaboration, improvement, efficiency, and growing the market entities, actively develop new technological states such as service trade, research and development and design, futures delivery, and cultivate new growth points.

The meeting emphasized that the National Day holiday will be, to earnestly grasp the epidemic normally scientific precision prevention, do a good job in emergency ideas, preparation, work preparation, and prevent and control, the epidemic does not rebound, and the development should not stop. To do a good job in the safety and stability of the holiday, the city guarantee stability, etc.

To strengthen the construction of party style and clean government during the festival, strictly implement the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the spirit of the implementation of the implementation, and ensure that the wind is in the wind during the holiday season. The meeting also studied other matters.

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