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Han Jun presided over the 2021th executive meeting of Jilin Province 2021

Original title: Target Target Full Sprint Promotion of Economic Stability Inn November 16th, Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Han Jun, presided over the provincial government 2021 executive meetings, research from January to October, the province’s economic operation, review "Changchun Modern City Circle Development Plan (2021-2035)" "Jilin Province" 14th "Medical Device Industry Development Plan" "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Implementation of High Quality Development of Medical Health Industry" Report or issue it by the program.

The meeting emphasized that from January to October this year, the province’s economy continued to maintain a resumption of growth. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the important instruction spirit of the important speech of General Secretary General Secretary, in accordance with the deployment of the provincial party government, riveting the strength, stronger, and finally win, ensuring pass the qualified answer.

First, go all out to catch industry, steady growth.

Strengthen the operation monitoring schedule for the automotive industry, and fully overcome the impact of "reficion", support FAW stable supply chain and production and sales.

Strengthen the package protection service and the guarantee, promote the market competitive enterprises to open the horsepower, form a greater increment; implement the benefits of benefit and enterprises, help difficulties to spend the difficulties and contain reductions. Second, we must go all out to grasp the project and increase investment.

Strengthen winter construction projects, projected 20 major project implementation, and do a good job in the investment promotion of the investment and investigation projects as soon as possible, use the special bond fund policy to accelerate the pre-project work in the next year, maintain a strong investment. Third, we must go all out to expand the cost and promote the development of the service industry. Implement the "1 + 20 major project" in the service industry, grab the festival node vigorously promote the release potential. Start the ice and snow, promote the localization of tourists, and pull the ice and snow consumption.

Encourage peasants to enter the city to buy a house and keep the real estate market stable.

Fourth, we must go all out to grasp agriculture to ensure income and increase. Pay close attention to the change of food prices, guide farmers’ science to reserve grain, order food.

Fully promote "straw meat" and thousands of beef cattle projects. Accelerate the repair of the disaster mask and vigorously develop the shed film economy.

Five must go all out to protect people’s livelihood and keep it stable.

Accelerate the promotion of 50 livelihoods. Strengthen coal electric heat safety, ensure that the masses are warm in winter. Seriously handled the wages of migrant workers.

Sixth must be fully committed to implementation of the epidemic precision prevention and control measures to consolidate the outcome of the province’s epidemic prevention and control results.

The meeting pointed out that the construction of Changchun Modernization City is a comprehensive implementation of the important task of "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy. Planning must reflect the center of Changchun City, with the surrounding city, promote traffic infrastructure interconnection, optimize regional industries Division cooperation, promote public services to build sharing, accelerate the construction of "one core" "two wings" "three circles" "multi-band" urban circle integrated new pattern. The meeting emphasized that the development of the medical health industry is an important breakthrough in our province to create a multi-point support, multi-purpose, multi-development industrial development new pattern, to rely on "Chang Liaotong Baoyay" medical health industry corridor, highlight the big variety, Big projects, large enterprises and big gathering areas, speed up major project construction, promote inspection and test platform resources to integrate sharing, promote the development of high-performance medical equipment industry, promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, chemical collection, medical device high-endization, Create an influential North Medicine base at home and abroad, build medical power.

The meeting emphasizes the advantages of automobile, modern agriculture, ice and snow economy, biomedicine, new energy, new materials, etc. Talent, can work hard, big country craftsmen, build a skill Jilin brand, further create a social atmosphere of advocating skills, learning skills. The meeting pointed out that the Chinese autumn sand duck was hailed as "the laboranite, the big panda in the bird".

To further strengthen monitoring protection, protect the Chinese autumn sand duck population and its habitat, realize population recovery growth, enhance regional biodiversity health level, and create a new business card for Changbai Mountain ecotourism. The meeting also studied other matters. (Reporter in Xiaobo) (Editor: Wang Emperor, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.