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Grasp the core function of the senior high school sports reform

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Beijing released the "Beijing Compulsory Education Sports and Health Assessment Assessment Program" (hereinafter referred to as "program"), trigger a warm response.

Some people think that Beijing will guide children to form a good health habit, and some are worried that this will trigger a new round of sports.

  Sports Senior High School Entrance Examination has been established and lasted for more than 30 years, and has played a positive role in motivating students to exercise, promoting school sports development and physical discipline construction, but there are also many should have a test. In recent years, the reform of sports in sports has been mentioned in the national sports reform documents, and the academic community is also discussed in terms of exam content, basic indicators, exam methods and scoring methods.

  The programs promulgated in Beijing have especially paying attention to problems in specific implementation.

For example, physical score increased from 40 points to 70 points, although the increased score is mainly reflected in process evaluation, but after all, we must be included in the total number of senior high school entrance examination, and the divide must be unable to avoid it.

The sports test cycle is tens into elementary school, and it may also bring the competition that is difficult to completely eliminate. It will not interfere with the teaching of primary schools. In addition, in order to improve the selection diversity to reflect individual differential, Beijing has taken a classification limit, and the content is divided into four categories, so that the exam selection project has increased more than ever, which will also expand the student selection surface. Bring new problems.

For example, due to the new badminton, gymnastics, parallel bars, martial arts, swimming and other sports, the school is required to open the corresponding course in the physical education class.

If the school does not have a teacher or venue, the students in this part of the senior high school entrance examination will turn to the outside training market, which may further trigger anxiety and competition.

  The system implementation should prevent deviation, careful thinking, and stable layout as much as possible.

The current programs are concerned, because different groups have different expectations for sports reform. These different expectations refracted a real problem, that is, what is the core function that should be reflected in the sports entrance examination or blurred. How to use a good policy to avoid the testization of the sports exam, need to grasp the core functions of sports entrance examination. First, we must firmly establish the developmental core function of sports in sports. Overall, the programs promulgated in Beijing are not only the reforms of sports exam projects and methods, but should be a transformation and practice layout of the function of the examination in sports. From a history, sports are an important part of the many discipline exams in the middle school, and it is inevitable to have certain talent selection functions.

Just this selection function is often repeatedly strengthened, constantly pursuing accurateization and distiction, and further exacerbating competition, resulting in alienation of the exam. To change this situation, it must be clearly turned from the selection function of the selection function of the sports entrance examination. To pay attention to the basic function of sports to students ‘development, guide students to form a good health habit, and stimulate students’ power, let students Really enjoy fun in sports, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, and temper will. Second, we must actively crack the real problem with the core function. The policy of Beijing’s response is to increase process assessment accumulation, reflecting small and medium-sized, driving and urged students to exercise from small. Appropriate increase in scores and increase process assessment rights, and focus on cultivation. Expanding the number of on-site test projects, balanced difficulty, increase practicality, interestedness, and student feelings, these initiatives have strong targeted.

  Further, the integration value of sports should be triggered with core functions.

To examine the integration of sports with the "five education", the test and physical education teaching will be jointly planted, "Zhi Zhi", "Sports and Made", "Sports Beauty", "Body Promotion", guides students Develop a good habit of lifelong exercise to achieve comprehensive development.

  Projects and increased scores in sports tests are only in the form of reform, and only increased projects and scores will become a booster for healthy growth by reforming the development of sports entrance examinations.

  (Author: Wang Kai, Department of Curriculum, Beijing Academy, deputy director, researcher).