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Ask the Zhengzheng Shandong | Shandong Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural Hall immediately deployed "Polly Zhengzheng Shandong" issue to rectify 6 working groups will go to the question first-line supervision

The meeting pointed out that "Qian Zheng Shandong" as the first provincial integration of the provincial integration of the provincial party, the provincial government’s guidance, the spicy question, the red face sweating, the dynamism is hard, it is to promote the change of the style, pay close attention to work Implemented platforms and windows.

The problem reflected in the program, exposes some problems and short boards in the work, is the love and help for "three rural" work, but also alert and spur in the province’s agricultural rural sectors. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to pay high attention to the rectification of exposure problems. To raise awareness, end is right.

The agricultural rural departments at all levels at all levels should reflect the problem of "assessing the Shandong" to rectify the opportunity, continuously strengthen the style of work, and take more pragmatic and more effective measures to promote the implementation of various work. To act quickly, do a good job in rectification. The establishment of the six special working groups led by the hall, immediately rushed to the problem to supervise the survey, can solve the problem on the spot, to rectify it immediately; can not be solved on the spot, to take out the specific scheme to solve the problem, determine the timetable, Clear responsible person, completed within a time limit, pay the post on time. It is necessary to raise an anticipation and fully improve.

Consulting the politics as a short board, clarifying the work ideas, enhances the effectiveness of work results, and promotes the improvement of work on the surface of work. (Heziwei) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua).