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Guangdong Culture Travel feast red thick atmosphere

  The first day of National Day holiday, the market was heating up text brigade of Guangdong, the province’s major tourist distribution point of departure ushered in the peak passenger flow. Publicly available data from the Office of Wenxian trip show that the province’s A-class tourist attractions were 531 (as of September 30), during the National Day open scenic 487,% open rate.

According to preliminary estimates, more than 11 of the province into the monitoring 4A level scenic spots tourists tens of thousands of people.

In addition, with the city cultural venues increasingly rich content experiences, beautiful countryside tourism product upgrading on file, text brigade Guangdong urban and rural markets simultaneously heating up.

  Around the National Day activities this year is the 100th anniversary of colorful Chinese Communist Party 72 anniversary of the founding of New China.

The first day of the holiday, the country actively carry out activities under to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China set up the theme of the online and offline.

As in Gulong Gorge Qingyuan suspended span 72 meters, air glass viewing platform height of 530 meters, tourists waving red flags, singing "Our Motherland", "I and My Motherland" and other songs; Zhongshan City in the first batch of provincial tourism and leisure district Sun Road pedestrian Street held "Qi Feng Spirit He birthday" national Day theme text brigade activities; "party forever," Mrs. Qiao Guangdong Province to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China a hundred large-scale stage art performances project "national "on the evening of October 1 in Guangdong Cantonese opera Center organized, offer cultural feast for the opera lovers. At the same time, the province’s cultural and tourism sector held a series of joint activities under a variety of online and offline, the people can stay at home, "says tourism", "looking at the exhibits cloud" "Cloud reward play."

Data show that the province’s public libraries open 146, million people to the museum, online services million.

  Red culture theme exhibition have appeared National Day holiday, local cultural centers, museums, galleries and other exhibitions have been organized by themes, including the "great course – a great Chinese Communist Party to seven Tour" red theme (Guangzhou Station), "Red hot spot enduring monument – Guangdong Communist Party of China led the New Democratic revolutionary history exhibition "; traditional cultural theme" universal access – maritime Silk Road (Chinese section) relics exhibition ", the exhibition is the South Vietnamese Wang founded the first museum exhibition;" Lingnan tide multiple categories of sound –2021 Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area art calligraphy exhibition "encompasses photography, cartoons, ink, modern art and other art exhibitions we are carrying out. Also recount various cities during the National Day holiday, we have introduced various forms of festivals. As the first month-Zhuhai Arts Festival September 30, the general public will bring 14 sets of 18 games fine stage performances; Meizhou protection of the premise epidemic prevention and control work, launched the "red gene concept red film biography" patriotic theme film festival and a series of online activities; Dongguan online and offline were held at more than 220 cultural tourism and sports activities, rich content, unique.

(Reporter / Correspondent Zhou Dynasty fruit / Cantonese text brigade declared).