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Haikou Qiongshan District carried out party history and "cultural benefits workers anti-drug under the grassroots" activities

On the evening of May 8, the Haikou City Qiongshan District Federation of Trade Unions United Dagong Town Committee, Dagrao Town General Union, in the Towns Town, the Town Town, the Town, Town, Tao Town, Carried out the party history and "cultural benefits workers anti-drug under the grassroots" activities For the staff of the people, the people are sent to the large-scale queer "Feng Xue Hanmei Li San Niang", promote the learning education of party history, and carry out in-depth development of anti-drug publicity and education, to work practical things for employees and enrich employee culture. Before the Drama opened, Chen Yantao, executive vice chairman of Qiongshan District, the Dagrao Town Committee, Daghu Town Committee, respectively surrounded the theme of the "Great Contribution of the Chinese Communist Party for the National Party" and the National Great Contribution to the National People’s Communist Party. . On the spot, the party history has a prize-winning. "When did the Chinese Communist Party of China?" "Which national representative conference is determined to determine Mao Zedong’s idea as the party’s guiding ideology and write the party constitution?" … .

Qiongshan District New Times Civilization Practice Anti-Drug Volunteers through the hanging anti-drug banners, distribute drug knowledge, to guide employees to pay attention to anti-drug public numbers, publicize the party and the country’s anti-drug policy and anti-drug laws and regulations, education guidance The people consciously stay away from drugs, actively participate in the anti-drug struggle, winning wisdom and strength for Hainan winning a new round of anti-drug three years.

This event, deepened the party history knowledge of the staff, firmly and the people listened to party Chinese, and confidently with the party, met the spiritual culture of the staff, and enhanced the employees and the masses of the people. Inspire the enthusiasm of employees to participate in anti-drug struggles. (Qiongshan District Committee Propaganda Department) (Editor: Liu Yang, Xi Xiuqin).