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Shigatse Lahu County People’s Court launched the Simulation Tribunal "Entering Campus" activities

  A few days ago, the Lahu County People’s Court organized the first phase of the Simulation Tribunal "into the campus" activities.

  It is understood that the simulation courts are contemplated by the intentional injury cases caused by campus overlooking, and 12 students in the senior secondary schools of Lahu County have served as long-term, judges, secretary, police, public prosecutors, defendants, etc. Completed the discipline of the court, informing the rights, read the prosecution, carrying out the court investigation, proof, court debate, and the consecutive pronunciation, the whole process is serious, and there is a real trial site. After the "trial", three instructors of the Lahu County People’s Court evaluated the trial. The relevant responsible comrades were blue in the real-occurring adolescent crime, explaining the criminal case of criminal cases, "eight major" and other crimes And the age-related regulations of criminal responsibility, focusing on the "Minor Protection Law" "Preventing Mini Crime Law", which warn students to refuse the campus violence, and put an end to the campus overbound, and enhance students’ awareness of the rule of law.

  By carrying out simulation courts and law education, students have effectively feel the majestic and courts of the court, and the interactive scenarios of the entertaining will give the students alert, and the active role of preventing the crime of minors is well achieved. Social effects and legal effects.

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