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People’s Catalog: Stabilizing Industrial Enterprises Profit

Among the October economic data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, "the profits of industrial enterprises above the country will rise for two consecutive months". In October, the profit of industrial enterprises increased in the same year, accelerated from a percentage point from last month; the average growth in two years, accelerated a percentage point. Data indicates that the production and operation of my country’s industrial enterprises is constantly improving, and the growth rate of profit is rising.

As the main body and core growth engine of the national economy, the industrial is stable.

Since this year, industrial economy has overcome all aspects of all aspects, and the overall remained stable recovery. In the first three quarters, the industrial added value of industrial in the country increased year-on-year, and all the industrial added value of 31 provinces were all achieved, which laid a solid foundation for maintaining economic operation in reasonable intervals.

Since the fourth quarter, the relevant departments have intensively adjurvered the current industrial economic operation situation, further study the industrial steady growth package policy measures, and seize the implementation of the "14th Five-Year" industry and information technology series plan, support local key project construction, and support local key projects, and to stabilize industrial economic growth , Boost industrial economic intensity.

At present, with the vigorous advancement and continuous improvement of policy measures such as stability, the help enterprises, etc., which is conducive to the continuous accumulation of the increasing factors of the industrial economy.

Since October, industrial production has active changes: private corporate profits have grown year-on-year, the contribution rate of profit growth in industrial enterprises is%; high-tech manufacturing profits increased year-on-year growth, continued two-digit growth trend; consumer product profit Increased by lowering, more than 70% of the consumer product manufacturing industry profit rebound; the cost of the industrial enterprises per 100 yuan business income is reduced, and the decline is obvious. Good grades, but the external environment is still complex, the instability of the industrial economy, the uncertainty factors are still more, positive factors and downstream pressure coexist.

Stabilizing the production and operation of industrial enterprises, the basis of consolidating industrial economic stability and recovery needs to work hard.

Strong foundation, focus on replenishing industrial chain supply chain short board weakness.

At present, the global industry chain supply chain is still unstable, and some imported products can not be purchased, and they are slow, and the production and operation of the enterprise brings a large pressure.

Next, powerful support for the safety and stability of the industrial chain supply chain, in-depth implementation of manufacturing strong chain, strengthen the coordination of upstream and downstream enterprises, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the whole industry chain.

Change energy, focus on expanding effective investment and demand in industrial sectors.

Accelerate the construction of national major engineering projects, cultivate and expand new consumption, promote the increase in manufacturing, quality, create a brand, cultivate new growth points, in order to promote industrial economic structure optimization, implement transformation and upgrading. Reduce the burden, focus on strengthening support for SMEs. Recently, the State Council’s executive meeting decided to implement the implementation of small and medium-sized tax reducing measures in manufacturing small and medium-sized micro enterprises, all relevant departments have also strengthened resource elements to ensure key components, stabilize commodity prices, and strengthen fiscal and taxable financial policy support. A batch of policy measures have been introduced, and the issue of "rushed" issues to the majority of enterprises as the starting point and the foothold of the driving industry steady growth. In the fourth quarter, it is not only a "sprint period" of the annual economic growth target, and it is also a "joint point" that is smoothly transitioned in the first quarter of next year.

It is necessary to co-ordinate industrial economic operation in the fourth quarter, actively actively actively, strengthen forecasting warnings, pay close attention to seedlings, trend issues, and do cross-cycle policy reserves to stabilize industrial enterprises’ profits and return to ensure smooth operation of industrial economy.

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