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Pubei: Send medicine delivery home service to open health poverty alleviation last kilometers

People’s Netpopo, June 23, "Family doctor can be seen, clear, but also special medicine, my hypertension often take medicine, with your help, I will be able to get rid of poor houses as soon as possible Thank you so much.

"Liuzhou City, Qinzhou City, Liji Town, Liuzhu Town, Lijia, Poor, Poor, Poor, Poor, Poor, Taxi, 67-year-old Yi Dabujia lived in six villages in Liujun Town, in 2017, has high blood pressure, The old companion also suffers from chronic diseases. The children are not around. I don’t even say that I don’t say good doctor.

In order to implement the national health and health committee "safeguarding people’s health, towards comprehensive well-off" instructions, surrounding the work requirements of the poor "seeing sick, seeing a disease, convenient to see a doctor, less sick", Pubei County people The hospital sent five business backbone co-intenses to guide the Medical Community Unit Sixth Town Center Health Center, which formed medical small teams to the villages of Liujun Town to carry out medical delivery home service.

They carry an electrocardiogram, blood glucose meter, and common drugs, and to handle the chronic disease card, poverty, poverty, to help poverty alleviation, and open health poverty alleviation.

In order to better implement the "198" policy of medical security, every time, the medical small team also guides the family doctor’s signing work and training to use village medicine. According to statistics, there are more than 90 people in the villages in Liujie Town, and more than 90 people are difficult to do.

Since the beginning of the event, insist on sending medicine for poor households once a month, more than 60 people have been accumulated, and the patient has a great convenience. According to the assistant Huang Tuan of the Dean of the Sixty Town Center Health Center, 18 village committees such as Xinpo Village, Dadi Village, Six Village, Liuxi Village, Liuxi Village, Luyi Village, Sixth Town, Since this year Start in June, all carried out medical treatment for the poverty households, and catenish the last kilometer of health poverty alleviation.

(Chen Yufeng, Wu Da Li).