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[Focusing the 5th China A Expo] Foreign cooperation will send Ningxia "small seed" to the world stage

  On August 14, the reporter learned from the Press Conference of the Fifth China Afu "University Health Industry Forum" and "Modern Agriculture Cooperation Conference", since 2013, the Zhongshi Expo has held four agricultural segments, successively. There are more than 80 countries and regions, more than 50 domestic and foreign associations, more than 500 companies participate in the investment, trade and cooperation agreement in the fields of planting, animal husbandry, facilities agriculture, and more than 11 investment trade volumes. 100 million yuan. The pace of agriculture "Going out" is further increased.

A batch of Ningxia and the national high-quality agricultural products, agricultural characteristics industry and agricultural technology outlets and transformation applications.

At present, Ningxia, wine, vegetables, livestock products, condiments, honey and other special agricultural products entered Europe and America, Asia, Africa and other international markets, and exports increased year by year.

With the "China-Arab Country Agricultural Technology Transfer Center" function given by Agricultural Rural Ministry, 8 overseas branches of 8 overseas branches in Ningxia, Uzbek, Morocco, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, and Mongolia have become Ningxia Agriculture. "New carrier. The Mauritania Overseas Center has born the country’s first embryonic transplantation cow; Jordan Overseas Sub-center will send Ningxia "small seed" to the world stage, the product is exported to the Middle East and 15 countries and regions in Africa; Kyrgyzstan built a winter facility and vegetables The cultivated trial demonstration base effectively mitigates the problem of winter vegetables in winter.

At the same time, expand the cooperation model, actively organize agricultural enterprises to participate in various domestic and foreign agricultural products international exhibitions, explore the use of cross-border e-commerce and other means, promote overseas construction of Ningxia special quality agricultural products overseas marketing window, Ningxia agricultural products in the international market improve.

To build a comprehensive test area of ??Ningxia National Grapes and Wine Industry, China is a link, strengthening the exchange of wine industry exchanges with France, Italy, Argentina, and promoting Helan Shandong Wine from Ningxia to the world. The field of agriculture "introduced" is further widened.

A group of foreign new varieties, new technologies, and new equipment projects into domestic input and root roots.

The introduction of different types of different types of resistance, excellent quality, good commodity, torrential transportation and transportation, etc. Excellent varieties, demonstration promotion effects are obvious. Introducing flowers cultivated, beef cattle breeding, wine grapes, water-saving equipment, etc.

Introduce foreign high-quality dairy and sex-controlled embryo, sex-free frost, cultivate high-quality cows, and accelerate the "high-end milk hometown".

Introduced high-grade meat, beef grading, beef grading, fine segmentation, etc. The development basis of "high-end meat production base" has established a high-end meat cattle full industry chain production system in accordance with Ningxia ‘s actual. Talent exchanges in agriculture is further deepened.

A group of rural practical talents and agricultural science and technology talents have come from the national gates, and have made important contributions to the "all the way" and the development of the country, the soil desertification, and animal husbandry and other areas.

Around vegetables, animal husbandry, agricultural machinery, water conservancy, etc. Ningxia Vegetable Expert Shichun was excellent by the national committee, and the Ningxia pasture experts were awarded the Messe Tania National Greetup Award. With the agricultural rural department, there are more than 400 agricultural technologies and managers in more than 30 countries and other more than 30 countries, etc. (Reporter Shi Qing Ni Jinfeng) (Editor: Mu Guo Tiger, Ju Ru) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.