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[School History Office "] Li Shuzhong, Secretary of Yuxiang County Party: Focus on" 1131 "development strategy, construction" provincial city back garden, summer cool, green oxygen bar "

People’s Network: The twelfth party generation of Shanxi Province has just ended, and the province is quickly unified to the spirit of the conference, and it is true. How will 烦 县 will implement the spirit of the Provincial Party Congress and promote high quality development? Li Shuzhong: Standing on the historical intersection point of "two hundred years" struggle, the new county party committee is based on the new development stage, implements the new development concept, integrates the new development pattern, and firmly grasp the historical orientation of the temporary development. In the past five years of work, the overall idea of ??ecological priority, green lead, integration development, "three integration", established a demonstration county to create a national ecological civilization, and to create a rural resolution first demonstration county, domain tourism Demonstration county, urban and rural integration development demonstration county "one master three wings" strategic objectives, full "water", try to "rich people", strive to "strong counties", strive to build a more troublesome ecology, faster, and happier life "The garden of the provincial city, the summer cool, green oxygen bar". Specifically, it is to highlight "1131": "1", that is, crack a bottleneck, and fully promote ideological liberation. Comprehensively implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Plenary Session, the spirit of the province, the city party congress, grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and consciously put the development of the trouble in the city, the province and even the whole country to build a new development pattern process In the middle test, I jumped out of the trouble, based on the provincial city, I looked at the hinterland, I was in the hinterland. I stood in "cloud" to look down, I think about the development of the ice, I strived, I’m going to have a mess. Specialty high quality development new road. "1", that is, breaking through a constraint and actively promotes the construction of highway.

Seize the opportunity to build a new layout of urban and rural areas of "a group of two districts", and accelerate the construction of high-speed road construction throughout the world, fundamentally crack the traffic bottleneck restricting the development of county development. The ancient times – 烦 – Fang Shan’s highway has been included in the provincial "14th Five-Year" highway plan, and we mention this work to the strategic level of the evil development, grab opportunities, actively dock, and speed up It is a day when it can be grabbed, and it is a day. I strive to create all conditions to start working as soon as possible, quickly implement, soon, help the deep troubles into the provincial development pattern, enter Taiyuan 1 hour economic circle, release Annoy development potential.

"3", that is, three key points, all-round promotion. First, the righteousness raises the ecological construction hard responsibility.

As the only surface water source of water drinks in the provincial city Taiyuan, the county highlights the income and increasing income, governing the governance, the control of the water consumption and the wetting "three" combined, put the ecological construction throughout the whole process, resolute Guarantee the safety of the provincial capital, and make a mess of the ecological protection and high quality development important experimental zone in the province. The second is to unswervingly sing the romantic main melody. As the province’s rural resolution, it is necessary to firmly grasp the historical metastasis of the focus of "three rural" work. , Rural shoulder, farmers rich, rich and prosperous, and the rural resolution of the rural resolution in the city.

The third is a new breakthrough in the development of transformation.

As the key ecological functional county of the provincial restriction development, it is necessary to seize the strategic opportunities of the provincial party committee to promote high-quality development, adhere to the transformation into the order, and give full play to the advantages of "scenery", developing and strengthening photovoltaic, wind power, etc. Emerging industries, focusing on building key counties in Taiyuan’s new energy industry; fully implementing the "Excellent" strategy of "special", promoting organic drought as a deep development, strive to create high starch and fresh food type potato production area, Jinxi north Breeding zone; adhere to the "tourism development belt", promote the integration of three industries, accelerate the development of tourism in the whole country, and strive to build an important cultural tourism in the Fuhe basin. "1", that is, to strengthen a guarantee and comprehensively strengthen the party’s construction.

Continuing to strengthen the party building, "Working Problem, Party Building", Party Construction Method, "Working Problem, Party Building Reserve", "Working Decreas & Part Construction," "Serious responsible, active innovation" work policy, adhere to party construction leading direction, activities, rectification and rectification, system mechanism is guaranteed, continuously enhance cadre morale, the party is gas, social, and strives to put all levels of party organizations It is more strong and powerful to make the majority of party members and cadres, and the guarantee is more quality, and the administration is more articles. Next, Yixian County will learn to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and the spirit of the provincial party discipline is closely combined with the education of party history, constantly emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts, really grasping, long time, All-round promotion high quality development, meets the party’s twentieth victory in excellent results.

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