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"Struggling, Xi Jinping is a series of five Ye Pei Jian, who is a series of reports: Explore the stars of the stars never stop

Ye Peijian accepted people’s online interview.

"People’s Network Zhang Liyang Photo" As a big country, as a nation with a nation of more than five thousand years, it should be farther and contribute to the world.

"China Space Technology Research Institute Technical Consultants, Researchers, Academician Ye Peijian, Chinese Academy of Sciences, from the youth, is a big dream, from the No. 2 to the 嫦娥 series, from" 娥 月 "to" Dream Mars ", Ye Peijian Higher contribution to the aerospace industry in my country.

In January 2017, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the space science and technology, the International Astronomical Federation International Asteroid Center named "Ye Pei Jian". On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Xi Jinping personally issued a "people’s scientist" medal.

The first problem, the first problem has been engaged in space technology since 1968, Ye Peijian has been dedicated to selflessness in this position for more than 50 years, personally involved in my country’s satellite development, remote sensing observation, the development of moon and deep space detection. Among them, "嫦娥 Project", which is the main task of the moon is Ye Peijian, in early 2004, the first phase of the project, and Ye Peijian served as the total design of Chang’e No.1 satellite designers and total command, and started his " Tour of the exploration. " In the past year, Ye Peijian has been the "main cardiac" in the development team of the 嫦娥 series, facing difficulties and hardships. Recalling the bumpy, Ye Pei Jian, "The achievements of China Space," the achievements of China Space, are very rare in accordance with the law of other countries in the world, this achievement is a huge price, overcoming countless The difficulties are achieved, and the technical challenge is the difficulty we must first overcome.

"In 2007, Chang E One after three years successfully launched; in 2019, Chang E IV probe successfully achieved the first human lunar exploration and lunar soft landing back; in 2020, 23 days to complete the Chang-e V" around, down , back to the "three-step tasks and carrying 1731 grams of lunar samples returned to the motherland.

In this process, the research team to overcome technical difficulties, innovation, realization of my country’s lunar exploration project from scratch, from weak to strong. "In the course of questioning lunar masses of many, why pay a heavy price and effort to explore the moon? ‘Explore the meaning of the universe’ is the action we have been using to answer questions.

To the universe, to the moon, to Mars, we do not today, in the future want to go I can not go anywhere, let alone in this process, a lot of technology is very beneficial for us. "Ye Jian said. Since the lunar exploration project was officially launched, the research team under immense public pressure, completed on time one after another lunar mission, gradually dispel the doubts of the people’s minds. At present, aerospace career has been related to national survival and security issues . go further, to go higher from Chang E Chang E One V, the number of probing the moon only a handful, but for the human exploration of the universe contributed tremendous power. in addition to lunar exploration, Mars is in our country has been one of the development of aerospace projects, May 15, 2021, "Heaven I" carry rover "Vulcan No." successful landing on Mars. mention our country to explore the moon and Mars achievements, Ye Jian optimistic. " from the perspective of unmanned probe of view, our lunar exploration and Mars, while small number, but I think it has reached the world advanced level.

But it was probing this point of view, my country needs to be done. "So, for the future development of my country’s aerospace industry plans, Ye Jian will be divided into three aspects – lunar exploration, manned missions to deep space exploration.

"The first is to improve the ability to explore the moon, back to the moon in search of water, collect samples and return to the moon, lunar research station established to increase international cooperation in these areas we have in the deployment and implementation of the action." "Second to carry out a manned moon landing in time to study, and only people go to the moon to do more, must go, go early. I believe in our ability, as long as his mind will be able to go. "" third to further carry out deep space exploration, asteroids, Mars sample return are in the implementation plan.

In short, we can not be limited to the current day and asked Chang E One V, we have to go further, go higher. "Patriotic devotion, unshaken 2019, the eve of the 70th anniversary of founding of New China, the Party and the people granted Ye Jian," the honorary title of People’s National Scientist ", at the national and state medal presentation ceremony honorary title of People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping personally for his award . "honor, my heart had an idea, ‘I’m over 70 years old, the body is okay, you can do a little more’.

From 2019 to date, space who built the Beidou system, launched the space station to complete the Chang-e V of the sample return, completed the Temple of the task, we have been working hard. "Our aerospace industry from scratch development of today’s" flourishing downtown "behind the hard work of countless Aerospace Workers, who interpret the true" spirit of space "to verify the Chinese aerospace industry is enormous. Ye Jian think love motherland, selfless dedication, self-reliance, hard work, vigorous cooperation and the courage to climb the "bombs and one satellite" spirit is the spirit of space birthplace.

"The core of bombs and one satellite patriotic spirit and dedication.

"" A patriotic person, to be able to give up everything for the country, in dealing with conflicts of personal interests and national interests, national interests should be put on the front. Patriotic but also requires dedication, sacrifice is necessary to have the ability to learn, to innovate, to be willing to start from small things. "Ye Jian has been practicing with these words with action.

Long-term research in space technology, often leading to Ye Jian recurrent low back pain, several times in the line of duty, Ye Jian because of low back pain can only lie in bed plate between experiments, but he remained at their posts, and always will countries and peoples interests at heart.

In the course of the study aerospace development, the selfless dedication of countless people. During the development of Chang-e One, a deputy chief designer of life, love children, but was on the Southwest to experiment, he could not accompany the side lover; a deputy chief designer had to give up other jobs, decided to join the aerospace industry, eventually fell on their jobs. "History has proved that the Chinese nation for thousands of years, some people will stand in this position, to contribute to the development and prosperity of the country. And all I do is to be able to make the country more powerful.

"A time when New China was founded 72 anniversary, Ye Jian extend my sincere best wishes to the motherland:" Oriental lion awakening, I think then 50 years, we Chinese will be more brilliant.

We wish our country to go the way of the revival of the Chinese better, more stable, faster. "(Huang Yuqi Songjahak section intern Liu Jiaying) Editor: Yangzom.