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[Cautiously do a good normalized epidemic prevention and control] The province’s disease control institutions strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic situation and vaccination work

On the afternoon of October 19th, the Provincial CDC held the provincial disease control institution epidemic prevention and control vaccination video scheduling meeting, analyzing the recent national new coronary pneumonia epidemic, strengthening prevention and control awareness, compaction prevention and control responsibility, enhancing prevention and control ability, Strict prevention and control measures, strictly prevent the epidemic input, and then arrange the deployment. In response to the province’s disease control institutions, it is necessary to improve the prevention and control of the epidemic ingestion, the meeting request, and one is to improve the political station, attach great importance to this round of epidemic prevention and control.

The fluctuations in this wheel are wide, and the source of infection is not clear, there is an outerflow diffusion risk. All localities should always keep the epidemic to prevent this string, do not relax in the work of preventive and control, effectively prevent the input risk, build the epidemic prevention and control bottom line, and resolutely guard the "Shanxi Gate". The second is to immediately start the emergency mechanism, and the province’s disease control institution enters the emergency state. The province’s city, county-level disease control institution command special officers, epidemic prevention and control experts, nucleic acid testing project, epidemiological school, murder and disinfection, emergency delegation, immediately enter emergency state, implement 24-hour duty Conduct system, fully strengthen various prevention and control work.

The third is to focus on the focus of work, and fully implement the measures of the epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to keep watching key personnel. Strictly medium and high-risk areas enrolled in the Jin Dynasty, the entry and the Second, the Secondary and Secondary, the time and space accompanying, the staff of the staff and the confirmed patients and the invisible infected personnel were investigated, strictly implemented , The first drop "investigates control measures, strictly implement" point-to-point, people, and five packs and one "isolation control measures. To keep watching the key link, seize the first time, the first drop, concentrate isolation, home isolation and health monitoring, seize multi-point trigger warning response mechanism, fever, hospitality prevention, vaccination, joint defense Control mechanism and other links. It is necessary to keep watching the key venues, strengthen imported cold chain logistics, airports, stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, medical institutions, scenic spots, etc. Control measures.

Strengthen school epidemic prevention and control and strengthen school teaching staff management.

The meeting also replaced the vaccination work, re-deployed, requiring the progress of vaccination, implementing standard vaccination, accurately calculating vaccine demand, and earnestly do a good job in strengthening immunization of immunization.

At the same time, it is fully completed by the full immunization of the population of each age. (Reporter Qin Yang) (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.