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Good in them still count,“Let’s go with us.。

Man,Give them the top cover。”
Soon two people,The face is full of uncomfortable smiles,Two people with the top cover。
And sheroid。
Next,All the way bumps。
Summer is mentally,Can’t stop his perception。
The direction of driving at this moment,There is no mountain。
Instead, turn around to the road.。
However, I turned on a road at the time.。
I don’t know how long it takes.,The car finally stopped。
The two were raised.,And taken away。
“Let’s go with us.。
Go in。”
Two people are worth surrounding,Be unfair。
This is a small town,Not a desolate,Come and go to see the local residents。
In front of them,Is a well-decorated bar。
“What is it?,Go in。”
Both people look at each other,Walking forward。
Just enter,Nope。 Tight the neon tube flashes in front of you,And one of the waves。
Bar is very lively,More people。
In the dance floor,A famous girl is moving with hair,Capive waist,Action bold avant-garde is full of temptation。
As they are awkward,The customer is crazy about。
Several people have not stopped,Beached to the second floor,Finally enter a box。
Entrust,Immediately see the sofa on one side of the box,A burly bald head is sitting there,Frontal laughter looks at two。
“My name is Anthony,Is a representative of this negotiation。”
Anthony refers to the opposite sofa,“Sit。”
Summer is not talking to Xianti,There is nature, and there is not much fear on your face.,Sitting straight in opposite。
“Well,Since it is negotiation,Not much nonsense。”
Anthony’s gaze looks in summer,I also swept a fairy,Gringer,“Our boss said,Just come out to make our satisfied ransom,Immediately put people。”