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She suddenly laughed,The slow smile is very dazzling:“Summer Director,Is this a little thing??You are not such a attitude you just,You don’t mean this is what I and President’s determination??Is it nothing to do with you??Since it doesn’t matter with you,I will find the president to solve it.,Is this wrong??”

“Did not you say,Is I climbed with a man??Actually, the president is my boyfriend,Why can’t I rely on one??”
“You said that I am not sufficient enough tolerance,Then you tell me now.,Why do this color become another color version??”
Summer,Every word of Yue Lingxi,Let her feel free。
NS2420chapter Lu Hao hugs me
Instead, Yue Lingxi,Calm,Even smile is so dazzling。
Because people who do wrong things are her,So she is insufficient。 Yue Lingxi Tan Tan,Can so calm。
Summer laughs warm:“Yue Designer,I am not trying to solve it??”
Yue Lingxi:“Summers,Established in front of me.,Don’t play again here.,Pay attention to your own style,Since you are tolerant,Just now I am discussing with you.,You should put out the attitude of solving things,Instead of letting me ran to work here to solve things。”
Summer wants to play,Excuse me,She didn’t have a heart。
“Yue Designer,I do not have,you misunderstood。 ”Summer still keeps a touch of smile。
In front of Lu Wei,It’s patience.,At this time, Yue Lingxi is on the air. ,Naturally, I will not speak good to talk.。
“Summers,Did I really misunderstand??Don’t you say that I climbed on a man??How come so much now??”
Yue Lingxi is so laughing at her。
How hard is more difficult to see the summer?。
Looking at Lu Wei, don’t say a word.,It is also the place to let go of Yue Lingxi.。
“Yue Designer,As the design director, it is certainly wrapped it like you.。”Since she said like this,She also climbed up。
Good reputation??Nature is falling on her。
Yue Lingxi is just a spascular woman.。
“Lu Weijun,Do you look like this, I am bullied.?I want you to use this boyfriend.?”
Yue Lingxi looked at Lu Weijun。
Lu Yujun looked at the little girl with breath,Feeling, which is cute。
Summer has been mad for several times in my heart.。
Just in the office,She just wants to humiliate Yue Lingxi,I didn’t expect it here.,She really uses Lu Wei to suppress her.,It is confirmed that she is really a girlfriend of Lu Weijun.。
She is really stupid.,Why come here to find yourself?。
Summer expression is very wolf,Almost being fainted。
Lu Yujun came out,Hand put on her shoulders,“All right,Xixi,Not angry,Ok??”The tone is the gentleness of the summer never heard。
The summer is close to the bottom。
Do not,Will not,Woman in Yue Lingxi,Just the president’s play。
What day ,Lu Wei is tired,It will automatically give up her.。
“Um!Not angry,I am thirsty。 ”Although Yue Lingxi is not angry,But there is an anger on the beautiful face.。