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Next words,In fact itself,Still need to speed up the speed completely solving,This is the weight of the middle。

slowly,Look at this scene。
Shenxuan at this time,It is very lightweight.。
“Although from the current point of view,Temporary is doing this。”
“But next,This is an inevitable thing to do。”
Look at this scene,Shenxuan at this time,It is very hot。
After all, now,these questions,In fact, how do you say,How to make people feel,It seems still to go soon.。
But just here,Shen Xuan,It is again again。
“In short,Let’s go to investigate,After determining,Then we can start doing。”
Shenxuan’s heart,very clear。
If now,If you don’t find this behind-the-scenes,Finally,There is still no way to solve this thing.。
This,In fact, it is true that,Still become undoubted。
As for the front of Shenxuan,Surroundings,Then I watched it in front of it.。
After all, it’s now,The more like this,In fact, it is now,What way this is going to solve it?,What yourself,It is obvious。 other people,It’s more repeatedly,anyway,They will definitely solve the current thing.。
After a while,For these things,In the end, we should start to handle these things.。
In fact, it seems,Itself,Already completely posted。
“Start now,anyway,Everyone must solve this matter thoroughly!”
Chapter 528 is really unexpected
At this moment,Suhang Tolerance Bureau。
For these things that are currently happening,In fact, Lin is light and snow,It is very clear。
but,Lin light snow,How many surprises and incredible。
“Really,Make people accidentally。”
actually,Even Lin Gangshi,Now now,Also I didn’t think of it。
Don’t say that it is Lin Xiaoxue.,Even if it is in the forest,Other tolerances face each other,I looked at my eyes.。
Their heart,In addition to shocking,I can’t think about it again.,Next,What should I say?。
After all, this,It’s too unexpected.。
“Mr. Shen,It’s really a surprise everywhere.。”
“Yes,Even,I didn’t think of it.,Mr. Shen actually became the shareholders here.。”
“that is,Say something wrong,These things,Let’s everyone,no matter who,It is not very realized.。”
This,With these tolerances, these tolerances。
at this time,Lin light snow,It’s a bit gratifying。
“originally,I thought,He is joking,But now,He seems,I really have a way to solve it all.。”