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“Fifty million。”Yao Yu is also a smile,Not awkward。

“60 million。”
Quiet in the hall,Only the sound of the two Queen Suhang is ringing from time to time.。
Those who don’t know the truth feel that their thinking is somewhat not enough.,Call back and forth without stopping。
At the same time, it is also very curious.,What did the people named in the summer?,Even let the two queen struggle。
“Ancients,Why don’t you bid?。”
Jin Airor’s eyes turned in Yao Yu and Jihong,Summer sitting next to Yao Yu,The scorpion flashed a milded cold light,Expressive disappearance。
In fact, he did not have too big contradiction in summer.,At the beginning, just want to see the benefits of interest.,Just have been successful。
But after the event event,Goldao Rong is completely hated in the summer。
after all,He has been pursuing Yao Yu,Can Yao Yi, but chooses summer,Although I know that the summer is a block,Jin Yourong is still unhappy。
Very uncomfortable。
“My Mr. Xia is only a little contradiction.,Not a life and death。”The ancient sky laughs,“But I am more curious now.,Who is he?。”
“It’s nothing more than a skill.。”
Goldao Rong is unable to shake his head,Toned,What did he still think of what?,“Ancients,Here is Tianwang Manor,No one dares to have a lot of things here.,Maybe we can take advantage of it?。”
Ancient wind,Sudden interest,“How to say?”
“More than 500 million!”
Yao Yu’s voice is in the hall。
This time,Nihong did not continue to bid,Turn back,Take a smile in Yao Yu,The smile is full of different。
Summer view,That looks like a dead person。
“One hundred million……”
The woman on the stage is very excited,Some of them have changed,Even if she sees more,I can’t help but feel excited at this moment.。
She hosted many auctions,But I have never met,A personal intelligence with only 50% finish,I took the price of the price.。
Not a million,Not a million,More than 100 million。
“when。”Three times,Dust set,Yao Yu is successful。
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“Mr. Xia,for you,I almost put it out.。”
Yao Yu is full of smile,Full of beautiful and charming style,Can’t help but want。
“You are so confident to me.?”
Summer said a sentence is inexplicably,Do not wait for each other to respond,Also,“What do you want to do??”
Yao Yu like a woman,Fiscumber, let him owe,Very large figure。