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Your own father,Almost didn’t hit him。

At that time, I knew.,Your own mother has been killed by people.,I also know that I still have a brother.,This is frozen at this moment。
“Pearl,If I am dead in the future,Do you take care of your brother for me?……”This is the pearl during the study,One of the most words heard。
This sentence,Also in his small time,Printing in his bones,In the soul。
He strives to learn everything,Work hard to make yourself strong。
Only one purpose。
Protect your younger brother。
he made it。
Since the moment of going abroad abroad,Pearl is almost every moment every moment.,I don’t know how many disasters have been blocked for him.。
“Father,Brother, he finally grown up.……”Pearl’s eyes are red,He endured many years,I can’t help but confirm with the summer this time.。
Just between his thoughts,Suddenly,Not far from a cold drink。
“I know who you are.!What are you not tomorrow?,You are summer!”
With the sound,Before I left the Skie Rio, I left in the field again.。
His blue scorpion stared at the summer,Drink,“Kill god!Hello big courage,Dare to come to the sacred church!”
I heard this sentence,All people stayed around。
Kill god?
Nine big hegens?
This……He is killing god?
I stared at the figure in the field.,Everyone’s face is endless。
Summer is exposed。
Xiao Jian He He and Xue Weidong wait for the gods of China to expose their looks that they can’t believe.,More complex。
“It’s him!”
Fifteen six teenagers,The snow from the Lushan School is also a burst。
If you say that the domestic ancient martial arts is involved in the summer,属 山 派。
The masters of the Lushan School don’t know how much it is killed in the summer.。
And not to mention the young generation of Lin Luo Yin and white dry,Old generation Hu Julian,World,The cliff is too old,All died in the hands of summer。
There is also the first master of the Lushan School.,Also become a spooky under the summer。
Snow parents,Snow Flying Eagle and Rain Sink,Nowadays, life and death。
Not exaggerated,Lushan,Summated by someone in summer。
Snow I didn’t expect to,Previously saved her,It turned out to be the enemy of Lushan,The eyes are full of unbelievable。
NS2483chapter Unmartgered
Summer heart has also given a lot of doubts。
He disappeared for half a year,Many people think that he is dead.。
And today,Also changed in advance。
In addition to a few people,No one knows his identity。