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At the same time on the big screen,Representing Tiansheng’s stock code、Release price、Transaction, etc.,I also started rolling quickly.。

Almost a blink of an eye,The stock price broke through twenty-nine。
There is also a burst of cheers and amazing scenes.。
“It’s so fast.。”
“292NS,This only opened,Just rise directly,Powerful。”
“Still rising,How much is this going?。”
“Hahaha,I have successfully signed it before.,Started with Tiansheng stock,This seems that it seems to be lost.。”
“Ugh, How can I not?。”
Wang Flow is under the stage,Look at the continuous rise of the share price,Listening to the various excitement and discussions from the ear,The corner of the mouth hooks a smile。
The stock price rose him without accident,One now new stocks listed,Generally rising。
Two before, I’m sourcing enthusiasm,But only a few signed in success,The rest of the people want to start stock,I only wait for the listing of the secondary market.。
so,Over stock price is normal,It’s time to see it now.。
“Take this speed,I see that Tiansheng can rise today.50,Stock price42Block money。”He Jiayi,Given your own guess,Then go back,Look at the king:
“How much can I rise??”
“How would I know,How much is it?。”Wang traffic casual road。
This kind of thing can be said to be clear,He is too lazy to guess,Anyway……He has to integrate money,And it has been in the bag,Shareholded stocks,There are still six months of decaying periods.,Shares rise,I have nothing to do with him for a while.,The most is also the book, you are looking at it.。
“You are watching enough。”He Jie smiled and shook his head,No more。
《Mad129100 million,Tianheng officially listed on the market》
《Listed the first day,Tiansheng stock price rose106》
《It is reported that the e-commerce and game business listed in Tiansheng,More than 1,500 employees in two sectors have shares,Among them, there are more than 20,000 shares.148people,More than 200,00037people,More than two million shares5people,According to the first day of listing58Block closing price calculation,Tiansheng has created five billion people in one fell swoop.,More than 30 million rich,Hundreds of millions of people,Unrequited atriable》
《Billion house,Domestic new richest born!》
Starting from the morning,The news about Tiansheng listed will be reported,Wait until the first day,Tiansheng stock price rose106,Miginal media fryed the pot,I started to bomb myself in the afternoon of the afternoon.,Some people deliberately calculate the number of employee holdings and quantities disclosed in the prospectus announced by the next day.,Then report。
Tianheng boss,The best of the biggest beneficiary of the listing naturally did not let go,According to the statement3058Billion Tiansheng total share capital,And Wang76Holding ratio and58Block closing price,Easily calculate his family:1347100 million!
Media direct boiling,The statement, which has a new year’s birth, and a mutual,The name of the Wang Flow also resounded throughout the country。
New Jin Shoufu,Listed to the party’s party’s duty,I woke up the next day, I only had a bit of hard laugh.,He didn’t knock,Think about low-key points,The result is still low-profile.。
At the same time, there is a little worried,At the moment, the domestic air gas is also protected.,When the richest is not a good thing?,It’s just a hovering target to check,Also recruit people。
For example, two years ago,One degree scenery,As a result, it is reported that it is reported tax evasion tax.,Last year, the famous actor who has just been captured.,After sixty, Liu Moumou, also played the 18-year-old girl.,It is simply an example of life.。
But not too much to go,When he has been following the law,Not afraid of being checked。
Since you choose to list,The company information disclosure,His worth is exposed is affirmative,He has http://www.azhihua.cnalready prepared in advance in advance.。
Shake the shaking head,Finally laugh,Didn’t pay attention,Have this energetic, he is better to pack up the luggage.,1moon22Hong Kong,arrive2moon17Treated,Nearly a month run outside,I am finally busy now.,He also gone home.。