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“Then say it is still in San Fufer,The two people will come back sooner or later.。”

“This is also。”
“We will wait later……”
“Drip dripping——Drip dripping——”
Han Rong lifts the palm,Block Qi Yana from going back,Refers to the communication device that refers to his ear。
Communication request is that Fuhua sent,Used or urgent。
After the connection,Yan Hua is serious:“There is an unexpected side of the snow.,I still can’t open in the mission.,You can help me go to God.。”
Han Jiang suddenly seriously,Ask:“what happened,what happened?”
“I am not sure。”Fuhua said:“Estate, I think I will send communication,It seems to fight and,After people, communication is interrupted。”
“My current city hasn’t dealt with clean,Want to let you see me in the past。”
“good,I will go right away.。”
Fuhua is a single person to take the task.,She knows Han Jiang and Qiana,Even if they are in the mission, they also have a hand.。
“What happened??”Qi Yana saw Hanjiang’s face serious,Asked。
Han Jiang shook his head,“Fuhua said that there is a problem in Shenzhou.,Cheng Li Snow is a suspected of attack,I have to go to Shenzhou to see。”
“I will go with you。”Qi Yana said,Already awkward calling Bella。
“and many more!”Han Rong said:“Here is the collapsed area,Trading Bella will scare ordinary people.。”
“And the collapse here has not been handled yet.,You leave,Bella is in my past。”
There is no suitable empty ship in the city where the two people are located.,Bella is the only one that can quickly feel the only place in God.“Transportation”NS。
“The emperor of the emperor is already……”
“However, there are other collapsed beasts.。”
“Well……All right,When I am busy here, I will go to Shenzhou to find you.。”
More than a lot of Qiaa,A lot of understanding。
Han Jiang drives to the city,Bella is already waiting on the ground.。
I found that Qi Yana did not follow the side of Hanjiang.,Bella is uncomfortable to spray two white rises。
Still good Bella is also angry,But there is no energy in the flying process.,Don’t consider how the Dragon’s feelings。
Han Jiang still doesn’t know the specific situation of Shenzhou,During the period, three Cheng Li Xue,The other party is connected to a fast communication,There are still two unattended answers。
Chapter 697 Mysterious opponent
Han Jiang rushed to Bella to the Tianhai market,Didn’t find what the same,There are many disasters in the road on the road, there is no disaster.。
The assistant is followed by contact Shenzhou,The assistant tells Han Jiang Chengxue to go to the virtue of the mountain.。
“太 虚 山?What is going to do??”
Don’t want to think more,Han Jiang makes Beibe Long to Taifa。
Fighting of the law,There is no seal of thousands of governing keys.,Has been quadrated。
The ordinary people living here have allocated the recent city.,I don’t know what Cheng Lixue is from this place.。
Han Jiang arrived after arrival,Accepting Messages of Cheng Lixue。