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Under huge grief,They originally thought this is just a general car accident.。

But when I organize my parents?,Alpine found some information and photos that let her palpitations。
And in short ago,The family came to a group of policemen wearing a police uniform.,There is no reason to search for them.。
Also high-precipitation,Tibet the information in advance。
Later I learned,Those people are not police。
It is precisely because of this,She decided to revenge with my brother high wind。
After the high wind is added to the brothers,Want to collect messages,And the cold is the money used to use compensation,Learn near the body during the day,At night, you have frequently accompanied the wine in the bar of various underlying bars.。
But how can they fight each other?。
Soon, the high wind was interrupted.,And being smashed,And the cold is even more bitter,As long as she goes to the bar,There is always a group of gentle harassment。
The reason for these years does not have the brothers and sisters,One is that they are underway,Two, they are the family members of the police.,Not good。
The most important point,I want to explore what the evidence is hidden.。
Among them, it’s not enough for the outside.。
This is about the process of things。
Waiting for them to add each other,Summer 蒂 蒂 蒂 蒂,Ask,“So to say,Those materials are still in your hands?”
The two did not speak,Just nodding silently。
“Two please rest assured。”Summer scorpion flashed,“Even if you don’t say,I will not let this Long Teng Tiger Group。”
High-cold mouth open,But it is to say。
“how?”Summer curious asked。“Displayed in the information of my father,Dragon Tiger and http://www.bfe Brotherhood,Another person is controlling the global,His name is Dujiang,People call him Du Ye。”
NS319chapter Heinous anger
Soon, I am relieved.。
Although the Slare family controls the brothers and dragon tiger,But it is impossible to make a graphic。
There is inevitable a agent。
It is so much that the so-called Dujiang is。
Alpine voice came。
“Dujiang is the boss of the casual meeting,This person is very clean,But the energy is very large,I can listen to his name these years.。”
Toned,She also,“Many people seek his head,As long as you want,Can do,It is said that the people are very wide.,My dad was secretly photographed with the secret meeting of Yan Jian Bai and Wang Xingwu.。”
“Du Ye……hehe。”
Summer whisper,I can’t see my face on my face.,As always, the look is as calm。
Follow-up,“if convenient,I want to see the detailed information.。”
“Can。”Gao Han does not hesitate to nod him,“I put the information in the bank’s safe,On the Internet, a clamping software is also backed up.,Do you have to see now??”
“Going right now。”
Summer is not hesitant,Now stand up,Randomly asked,“Your father can find so much information,I want to know where the party is unable to gather.。”
“Longhu Hospital。”
Give an answer now,“That is the private hospital of Yan Jian, Chairman of the Longteng Huyue Security Group。”