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Xia Jian is very calm,He smiled and said:“How to say?I want to have a result。Because I will start building soon。If you can’t eat Dongsheng,Then we will hold a bidding meeting”

“What bidding meeting,You are not afraid of others jokes。In Pingdu,Most people know that Hu Huiru and your Xia Jian have an extraordinary relationship,If you can’t help me at this point,Isn’t it a joke?”Hu Huiru can really talk,Xia Jian’s tone was wrong,She immediately came back。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“If you can do it,Of course the technicians are yours,But the general workers used,Let me do it!”
“what do you mean?I’m afraid I can’t find anyone”Hu Huiru has two nice eyes,Spinning around Xia Jian’s body。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Is not,I have an agreement with the village where the land is acquired,Solve part of the labor export for them in the early stage”
“Oh, Mr. Xia!Your business is too sophisticated。Ok!I can promise you this,I happen to be short of people。But when you are ready here,Some people in Bucheon can withdraw to your side”
Hu Huiru said,I started to draw on paper with a pen。Xia Jian knows,She is calculating silently。as expected,She drew for a while。He took a breath and said:“We can do this project,But the ugly words are in front,We don’t owe this item”
“Mr. Hu is too worried!We have sufficient funds on our accounts,Why do you owe money?”Guan Tingna on the side interjected at this moment。
Hu Huiru was taken aback,Laughed deliberately:“is it?It turned out that President Xia was crying poor in front of me!For this project in Bucheon, I did it on your behalf, Mr. Xia.。So this project here,You must not do this”
“will not,But what I want is quality and quantity,The other is to ensure progress。There is a low price。Since it is a friend,You have to give my friend the price。you know too,I am doing this project myself”Xia Jian’s mouth,Hu Huiru was tightly trapped。
Lu Xiuli on the side was very worried,It’s just that she can’t talk about it。Hu Huiru can’t sit still,She stood up,In the office, I took two steps to say:“This is easy to say,You give me the drawing,I ask the commissioner to quote,I will never lose to you”
“it is good!Then wait for your quotation to come out,Let’s talk more。Another thing is that I formally resign to you today。Because where I move,You must not take care of things here。I can’t hold your salary,And don’t do anything for you!”
Come today,Xia Jian is doing these two things。
Hu Huiru glanced at Xia Jian and said:“No way!I once told you,consultant,Gu Shang just asked,If you don’t care, you can just ask。I don’t blame you for this”
“If you do,Don’t you suffer?”Xia Jian said with a faint smile。