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Too Xuan Dao unintentionally doing a good thing,Directly let the long crow are completely hopeless。

Unless he can solve the Taixiang people。
But this thing is afraid that it is better than the Daojun.。
And don’t say Suizu’s powerful,on the other hand,Taichuan people have replaced a very small part of Yinyang Avenue,In essence, the Yin and Yang Avenue of the Void Universe is one.。
To die too mysterious people,Is equivalent to the Yinyang Avenue。
This kind of thing,Get the end of the avenue,Only some hope。
Long eye does not know these things,Therefore, it doesn’t matter without death.,He heard the big mad,Slight smile,Say:“If the poor road is not wrong,The devil refines the Yuan Yuan,It is not a way to say that Mo is not too.。What’s more、Too Qing this is a family。Just the devil, I have a hard work,There is always a statement。But we really start,Not much。Not as good as change,Acence,If the devil has won,The poor will never use this to find trouble,If the poor is fortunate, it’s lucky.,Also ask the Magic Zunch to I will leave the incense between someone。”
He is very refunded here.。
Su Chen is closing to the Buddha,Therefore, the big demons don’t want to do too much.,Faint:“In what way?”
“The poor town of Lushan is coming to this world.,Ready to open a pulse,Come with the disciples of the devil to make a righteousness,This victory,It is your life.。”
“good。Take the millennium,Do a common evil battle。”
Big devil“Lushan”,Motion in your heart,Promise。
Long eyebrows,It’s a breather.,I really have to fight.,He“Lushan”The disciples of the people are afraid to protect the week.。
It is only a great significance to human space.,Otherwise, he will not force the boundary.,Kunlun Xianjie。
Water here,Be very deep!
Big magic tone,Immediately disappear。
Long eye is turned back to Lushan。
正 大,He is not strange。
Light car mats,In the peak town of Lushan。
A clear figure is in the old road,“Disciple Gu Qingying,Ancestor。”
Her waist is wrapped in a gold belt,Table a purple golden red gourd,Wear a purple gold bell in the hand。This is the three treasures of the past.。
Golden belt and famous gold rope,Ability and legendary bundles of fairy。
These three treasures have come to the land of the fairy,Trendyman。
There are three treasures to cover up,Gu Qingying’s origin is blurred,On that little magic is more hidden,It became a veritable too clear,Deep, long eye, old road value。
“Good child,You should be too cleavage,Don’t have to be free to me。”Long eye is looking at Gu Qingying,Full of love and joy。
Lushan has Gu Qingying, this is too clear.,Bengji Palace、Tourism,He can also take advantage of this,Become a more active party。
And Gu Qing shadow has an atmosphere,Therefore, he will bring each other to Kunlun Xianjie.,Send the atmosphere of the other party,Put this evil battle,And get the heavenly benefits for Lushan。
It can be said that Gu Qingying is to take the stone.,He will not frown for this。
But this child is honest and gentle,Even if he is deeply valued,I have never been half-lost.。Therefore,The old road is even more love to her.。
“You will be the palm of this world.,Within a thousand years,The dispute between this world must be knotted,Your life is ready。However, this world is very deep.,If you have anything you can’t touch?,Can be directly come back to the mountain Tibet Court asked me,Do not。”
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