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A few words,Qin Hao noticed a slight threat,Leng Feng could actually detect his every move。

“Didi,Target person Leng Feng,Spicy shot,Straightforward personality,The all-round top special forces are especially good at assaults。”
“Good physical fitness,explosive force72,power91,speed93……”
“Qin Hao,Xiaozhuang told me all about you,not bad,Loaded off-road to break records,Very physical。”
“People like you should stay with us,Only our iron and blood knife is qualified to accept you。”
Leng Feng said,Big tone,To be frank, there is no place to accept him except the iron and blood knife。
“but,I won’t let you stay with the iron blade。”
Leng Feng’s voice has not fallen,Zhuang Yan said directly。
“Cold front,you……”
“Xiaozhuang,Wait for me to finish,”Leng Feng waved his hand。
“He is not suitable for iron and blood knife,Although the iron and blood blade is the blade of the country,But it’s not suitable for people like him。”
“In the iron and blood blade,Obeying orders is the bounden duty of soldiers,This is the same as other troops。”
“but he,you know too,His reputation in the Spikes。”