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Pig brother’s mouth reveals a smile!

His people are like this,People and gas,Never tear with people,There is no black history。
precisely because of this,Just attract a large number of audience,Now this time,He must naturally continue to maintain its own people!
“Cough……Is it a show and Xuan brother??”
Pig brother opens voice,I called it directly.。
“Pig brother is good,I am a show show.!”
Wu Xiuxiu has been busy back。
“We have met.,Do you want you to commit suicide?!”
Pig brother said directly:“We don’t want to fight,We can go to the province!”
In the ordinary people,Pig brother is kind,Don’t want to hurt the killer,after all,Pros,I want to kill Shen Xuan and Wu Xiuxiu three people,That is the hand to come。
Say this,Nothing,I even feel that it is very commonplace.。
“Why don’t you come??”
Shen Xuan is a bit unhappy.,Asked directly。
“You are Xuan Ge.,Nice to meet you!”
Pig brother listened to this voice and guess,Tangible:“We are all the anchors of the charity,No need to make it so stiff,Your suicide is fine.,Let’s have a little bit.!”
“Why don’t you commit suicide??”
Shen Xuan asked。
To play this game,That is to eat chicken,It’s the last step now.,But let him commit suicide,what is this?
Shen Xuan, of course, no!
This question is asked,Everyone is stupid.。
Let pig brother commit suicide?
What does this mean?!
Not kidding??
“This person will knew,It’s too easy to kill him with the strength of pig brother.!”
“Why don’t you lift this?,I don’t know how the sky is thick at all.!”
“Pig brother can make them break,Actually don’t get,It’s really good!”
The fans in the live stream of pigs are angry.,All are ridiculed Shen Xuan。
“Xuan Ge,No need,I really want me to do it.,The dead can be miserable,I am afraid that others say that my professional player is bullying your ordinary game players.!”
Pig brother haha smiles,Laugh and explain a sentence。
“cut,What big tail is you??”
Shen Xuan did not say good luck:“E-sports,Dish is the original crime,I die in your hand.,That is that I can’t do it.,Haven’t started playing yet,I will commit suicide,I am a coward’s behavior.,Want to eat chicken,You rely on this matter,Not relying on the mouth!”
This time,Shen Xuan whole person is comfortable,But people in live broadcast are shocked.,certainly,Xue Qing and Wu Xiu Xiu were also shocked,Pig brother and his teammates are all stunned.。
“Xuan brown,Domineering!”
“Say something wrong,E-sports,The dish is the original crime.!”
“I want to eat chickens to rely on real things.,This pig brother is too much!”