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Wine Yi Yuezi listened to another,Ask:“Ouyang Jianping and Li Bozhi were arrested?”

“Don’t confuse me,It is your special class yesterday.。”
“I really don’t know when I got it yesterday.,Because I was not in special classes yesterday.。”
“No matter what you are,Now I will go to call Ouyang Jianping and Li Bo.!Otherwise we will be with you.,In addition, I warn you,If my big sister and Dr. Li are a little injury,I will make him double repayment!”Ma Yunfei said,
Wine Yi Yibei is not anxious,But asked:“How can they be arrested??”
“Mei Huizi!Don’t talk nonsense,Immediately let the special class release,Otherwise, let the Diqiao bravely gave his only grandson to compare the dead.!”
“Hey,You wait,I am going to call this.!”
“No need to go,Let them take the phone,Be here!”
Wine Yi Yuxi’s hand takes the phone,She follows the situation here with the high bridge,Say:“Nowadays, the group leader Ouyang Jianping and blasting expert Li Zhibo is in the special high school prison.,High bridge commander,Bring them。”
“Bailemen is,I will come soon.。”The 5th Agent Group is also one of the high bridges.,He didn’t know that Ouyang Jianping and Li Zhibo have been arrested.。
So he came to the prison asking,Finally, I really found these two people.,It turned out that when searching for the killing god action group and the jellyfish assassination group,I found that their subtissions are touched back.,Most of the prisons are now almost like this.。
“I really didn’t expect Ms. Ouyang.!It’s really rude.。”Gaoqiao thousands of breakers,
Ouyang Jianping and Li Zhibo used in the fake identity,Ask:“High bridge commander,How do you know our?”
“Oh!Ma Yunfei,Also, Hoi He Jian, who seized the grandson of Duqiao Qiqiao, the Qiqiao Qiqiao,Ask us to put you,I am really thank you.,If it is not their reminder,I don’t know you here.!”Gaoqiao thousands of soldiers,
“It seems that you are not in the life of Taolang.。”
“A flower bonus who is very popular is not worth care.,If he can sacrifice to the empire, he is in the army。”
“Don’t you call the Duqiao Cohal?,Ask if he cares not to care??”Ma Yunfei, since they have already done, they can’t do it.,Ouyang Jianping is now to cooperate。
“Ha ha……This phone is definitely what you want to play.,But not anxious,Let’s talk first.。”
“What can we talk??”
“Talk about a chat,You can also talk about the jellyfish murder group and the military Shanghai area.。”
“That’s probably to let Gao Bridge disappointed,Because I have already left the military,We are now just a businessman.。”
“Ouyang Jianping,You should know where this is,I don’t want to treat you in a very rude way.,I also reiterated it again.,I really don’t care about the death of the Tuqiao Zhengtoung.。”
NS768chapter We are still good at violence
Ouyang Jianping knows that Gaoqiao thousands of soldiers are scaring themselves.,Duqiao Yongyi can be chief of staff member,How can he don’t care?,He just wants to get something before exchange of hostages.。
Ouyang Jianping smiled:“Hahaha……In the eyes of our Chinese,Your Japanese people have a rigid,Actually, I still have a falsehood of falsehood.,Still give up the fantasy, Gaoqiao thousands of soldiers,What are you not getting here?,So what do you think is what is it?!”
Gaoqiao thousands of soldiers were turned into eggplant skin by Ouyang Jianping.,A Chinese woman actually talks with himself in this breath.,He really wants to use the group of this five-character group,Big:“Man!Bring her to the criminal room!”
Ouyang Jianping snorted with a face full of disdain,The high bridge seen is two people who are dead.,He began to be guilty,Because he really didn’t dare to give Ouyang Jianlan,Although I don’t care about the life of the Taojan, the life of the Tuqiao.,But the only grandson of Dhaqiao Qi Yong, how can he don’t remember himself?。
In this case, no matter how it is necessary to bring people to the scene to negotiate.,At least to let the Diqiao bravely know that he is working hard to rescue,So now I definitely can’t irritate the five-year-old agents to give them a sentence.。
Ouyang Jianping and Li Bo Zhi are brought to the criminal room,The result is still frightened,High bridge does not have a real sentence。
Even if I really have a trip to Ouyang Jianping and Li Zhibo are not afraid,Being awarded the gendarmerie command to make this psychological preparation,So how can it be afraid that the bridge is frightened?。
Tang Rui has reported this income in the first time.,I didn’t expect to use Macouei and the alpine.,But this is the army of the army, the third end of the army is absolutely impossible.,It’s more complicated to make things more complex.。
But this thing will kill the gods.,So he is immediately sent Su Wenqian to find Zheng Yaoxian and Fu Ying Xue,Ouyang Sister and Li Bozhi must be saved,If no one helps,Ma Yunfei,He Jian and the cold will also be very dangerous。
Because, no matter how you think that the devil will not easily compromise.,At that time, if this is, if you let the Diqiao,He will definitely make a step for the face of the Japanese Empire.,At that time, Ma Yunfei will also take it.。
So, rumor, forecast, if you don’t help.,At the end, it is likely that Ma Yunfei will be with the alpine. They will really be with the devil.。
Tang Rui and Tan Lin continue to pay attention to how developments develop,Because the high bridge is not so easy to compromise,Wine Yi Yibei is easy to catch the No. 5 agent group,She will not let people go so easily.。
However, this opportunity is a thousand years.,Because Qi Yan knows that Gaoqiao Qian Wei Wei will go to Bailemen for the five special agent group.,But there is a public rental,He will not take too many people in the past,So this is a great chance to kill him.。
Some impatient asked by Ma Yunfei:“Mei Huizi!How did people have not yet??”