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“do not,You must play more thanLDLAlso good,Be sure to achieve a good result。”

Um……This classmate,Then what is the standard for grades??
Less yourself boring to spit,The palace clearly smiled nodded:“As far as possible。”
“That……Nothing to say,You cheer。”
Perhaps because of the reason for the resection of separation,So everyone did not show the side of the loss.。
“come on!”
“come on!”
Ignore the last somewhere,The palace Qingwen sat on the taxi that has been waiting for a while.。
Vehicle starts start,GatherIGYBase is getting farther,The scene next to the scenery is getting faster and faster.。
Have a deep breath,Palace Qingwen suddenly explored the window。
Then first,He is in front of these teammates,Exposed an expression。
Zhang Da’s mouth,Palace Qingwen is absolutely able to listen to the sound of everyone.。
Turn your head into your car,The corner of the palace, I can’t help but laugh a smile.,Then this smile slowly expanded。
Returned by the taxi driver to use the more and more strange eyes!,Palace Qingwen did not converge his own smile。
what the hell……Isn’t this cried??How can I still have a good time before I get on the bus?。
I think of the wrong face with my nose.,The palace is clear, I can’t help but laugh.。
Follow,It seems that I feel that this smile is too good.,Palace Qing Wen stretched out the palm to cover his face。
The driver of the front row sighed,Then move the rearview mirror,Let it not directly reflect the face of the passengers。
Young people now……One is so good one,Crying to hide, secretly crying。
Unlike my year……
“Today, Beijing time is 6 o’clock in the afternoon,Seoul time at 7:00,IGThe whole team arrived in Seoul。”
this isIGA real-time new dynamics from official Bo,There is another picture below this sentence.,YesIGThe whole team took a group photo in the Incheon International Airport。
In the picture,Everyone has a mask,But familiar with them,It is still possible to recognize it at a glance.,Who are they each?。
“rookieandtheshyBack home,Should be a teammate to eat some local characteristics.?”
“not necessarily,Don’t wait for soil and uncomfortable things.,That is not very embarrassing.。”
“I noticed this newAD,BetheshyandrookieDo you take your shoulder??”
“You don’t stay upstairs。correct,There is also,Please correct your wording,rookie……Can you call it??The top is called the palm of your hand on the shoulders of others.。“
“Ha ha ha ha,The upstairs laughed at me.,Not afraidrookieWill you hire killers in Night??”
The comment area is so painful,So that when the palace clear is in this microblog,I have been smoked many times.。
Before this Weibo,IGAlso sent a Weibo。
That is the official Queen Qingwen,starting today,OfficiallyIGYTransferIGWeibo。
This Weibo is below,The foremost row isIGComments from other teammates。
The content of the comments have each style,But actually summed up,Mention one:Welcome toIG。
andIGOriginal fans,Also follow your favorite players,Start a welcome to Palace Qingwen。