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Plunder,Xin Fu wiped tears,Plate。

Xin Lei flustered,Laugh:“You all know?I、I just came to play casually.,I didn’t want to do it.。”
Xin Rui cold channel:“I didn’t want to do it, you dare to class.,If you want to do it?,Don’t wait until God。”
Xin Lei low head,Did you dare to pick up。
“Send you again later。”Xin Rui snorted,Turned to see the king,Grateful:“Total Wang,Thank you very much today.,Do you want you to remind,I still don’t know when I can find this stinky boy.。”
“What,Can find someone。”Wang Flow with the mouth,Eye staring at the screen,Gaze。
How to forget this?
Memory,It’s just that two years,Domestic Internet cafe began to Daxing,The coming is the fire of online games.。
This is a bill of money.!
People who do their games in China have grasped a lot of,Three brands have made three,Chen Tianqiao、Ding Lei、Ma Huateng,Which one is not a game?
Previous heart thought in real estate,Almost miss this wave,so close!
But now I think it is not too late.,At the moment99Year end,And the first online game in the country in the country《legend》,arriving01The year will be taken by Chen Tianqiao。
More than a year,Featful, he will take the agent to win the agent.。
Chapter 143 Buy a game
Found Xin Lei,Xin Ruosong tone。
Inadvertently think of a rich gain,It is also an accident.,The king is also very satisfied。
Both people are happy,Take a cry of Xin Lei,Fortunately, Zhang Xiaofu is ready to leave。
Know that Zhang Xiaofu parents are also looking for people,Xin Fuqi wants to inform the two,Let them first safe,Come over,Telephone is not yet,Zhang Xiaofu parents have been in front of them.。
Know your son recently hit the game,Going to the Internet cafe to find someone is also normal,Meet,Two people are happy again,Black face,Slim a stubborn ears,Raise。
Zhang Xiaofu did not laugh at it.,Grinning begins to mourish:“Painful pain,dad,mom,Don’t trick,I know it wrong.。”
Xin Lei looks a neck,Secret。
Xin Rui mouth:“did you see,If you don’t learn, you should be so hired.,Waiting for home, how can I pack you?。”
Xin Lei crying:“do not,sister,You eliminate gas,I swear,I will never come later.。”
Xin Rui cold:“I know now I am afraid.?Early dry?This time you must teach you very well.,Dare to go online,Instead of you。”
Xin Lei wants to cry without tears,Ask for help。
Wang traffic leadership,Open mouth:“never mind,Don’t be too angry,Non-holy,Who can not make a mistake?,Change it, just change。”
terrific……Xin Lei’s face,I am slightly tone in my heart.。
Can you have not been happy?,Just listen to the king of the king:“Kid,狠 他 一,Give him a long memory,Next time he doesn’t dare.。”
Xin Lei’s face,Almost cry on the spot,Make a job,Still……You are enough。
Xin Lei’s obstacle,Wang Flow directly ignores,See the standards in the future,There is nothing in the game.,His little age,Dare to go online,Then you must have a cleaner.,Otherwise, you must not have no day.?
“Xiao Lei has just been robbed,I will not give him.,You are holding it.,Light is not enough,It is also good to manage pocket money.,Can you give him so much?。”
The king handed the money to Sin Rui,Look at your eyes,Secret polarity。
Finish,Money is gone……Xin Lei’s face,Thoroughly desperate。
Too for people!
“I will。”Xin Rui nodded:“Time is not early,You will go back first.,Trouble you for so long,It’s really sorry.。”
Wang traffic laughs:“Xiaolei is also because of the company’s old faction.,Neglect,I also have a responsibility to say it.,so,you are welcome,People have found,I will send you back.。”
Xin Rui is busy:“no, I’m fine,Let’s go back.,Not in trouble。”
“Bar,Then you are careful about your own road.。”The king is not polite,Leave。
Xin Rui received attention,Cold-cold look Xinlei:“go home with me。”