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Qiqi for the original time,Now cultivation tasks are heavier。

But there is no way,He is a bit late for him to enter the fire.。
And the pre-qualification is too bad,Until the small reincarnation,The strength has a big progress。
And not long, I have got a body comparable to the initial generation.,Let him have some capital.。
But the time is too short,Many things have not been developed,If you are in accordance with the original plot,Fourth Fortune Wars,He also on the five shadows.。
Maximum ability,But it is not enough to see before the blister of the earth.。
Gently blow up the mountain range,This is what people can do.?
No, he can only drag the time,Take the process of collecting tail beasts,Slow the speed of the development of the plot。
That black should not care about this time.,After all, he waited for so many years.。
Otherwise they find big snake pills to use embossed,Summon Unexpell,That all is really finished.。
That crushed strength,It is not a level of one level.。
Springs use several hydration mystery after powerful water months,Just floating into the sky。
I saw it.,But he is still the same,I can only feel that Chakra that is completely exceeding normal attributes.。
By observing the water month,He rely on its strong spiritual power,It can also achieve the nature of the water attendant challenge to break through the limit to a certain extent.。
But it can only be maintained to that.,To make progress, you can only practice slowly.。
And your actions should be accelerated.,It is best to find some help yourself.,Otherwise, everything else wants him to relative,Where did he come so much?。
“After grabbing it back,The body will make the next step.”
Spring looks at the following Shennong Road,His mouth can not help but show a laugh,Just look at you don’t give it.。
Spring is floating in the high altitude above them.,He is impossible to go directly to the sand,Otherwise, his behavior is not distinguished.。
But I get my love on my hand.,This nature is different.。
Time is slowly,Sasuke although there is a giant psychic eagle,But there are too many people here.,It is impossible to take away,So I can only go slowly.。
But when they are approaching the sand in the village,High aerial spring。
“I go,How is this going,Why is sandy village to be destroyed so serious?”Spring is shocked。
His perspective,Saha Yin Village is everywhere,A large number of ninja is going to walk away.。
So he rushed forward.,But until his horizon covers the entire sandy village,I didn’t find my love trace.。
And he found a lot of traces of using wooden in the village.。
“Big snake drums!Does he get the beast??”
I can use the wooden inquiry now.,Xiao is impossible to do this at this time,That is only the big snake pill of the springs.,Take so capable。
And he also found a large number of snakes crawling traces。
“MD,Not long after seeing the situation,I still have a chance”The figure of the spring is fast to fly in a direction.。
He found some people who left the traces,It should also be chased。
“not good,Someone attacked Sandy Village”Signs suddenly exclaimed。
Sasuke, etc., all look at the aerial spring。
Spring fly forward,Sasuke them also realize that things may be somewhat wrong.,Also quickly follow。
After a while。
Not far from sandy village,The figure of spring is fast。
“Have trouble,One tail is not seeing,There is a lot of traces of wood in the village of Sandy.”Shu Shen said。
“Spring?Have he started to act?”Sasuke some bite,He didn’t expect his first task to fail in this way.。