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“Uh……40,000。”Ning Hao still thought that Wang Jing was too much,Hurried out 10,000。

Wang flow instantly moon laughter,Feelings he didn’t listen to the wrong,Ning Hao really thinks 50,000 to shoot a movie,Although I heard that there is no name,He mixed very miserable,But not so miserable,50,000 to shoot a movie,This is too cold.。
However, he doesn’t know,Beinee Ninghao is so miserable,And more than now.,In order to shoot this movie,He is hard to pull 40,000 investment,As a result, there is no way to invest in the middle.,Finally, I can’t,He has to pay 20,000 pieces himself.,Built an eight-person crew group,After using half a month to shoot this drama,Because of lack of money,Even a stills have not left。
But this drama,Let him won the Tokyo International Film Festival、Hong Kong International Film Festival AsiaDVCompetition unit gold award,Since then。
“Since you have to shoot,Then take a good shot.,What is 40,000??I give you forty thousand,Take this movie out of this movie。”The king is straightforward,Ruidao。
Ninghao is happy with eyebrows,Come on:“Thank you Wang,do not worry,I must shoot it out.,Never waste your money。”
“Enter the company,Fame after the future,Not so polite。”Wang traffic laughs,Also:“Is the script finished writing??When are you going to start shooting??”
Ninghao Road:“Just a few days ago,Now is in touch,The story background is set, the year is near,I want to shoot true,I feel best, wait until the end of the year.,Can be close to the plot,What do you say??”
“You are director,How do you feel suitable?。”Wang Dik:“Is there any need to help?,Despite the opening,I will give you always try to cooperate with you.。”
Ning Hao is a happy:“Thank you Wang。”
Kid:“okay,I have no other thing.,You go back first.。”
“it is good,Wang always see、Goodbye。”
NS406chapter Lin Yiyi Is our boss famous?
“The company just entered a group of new people.,At the moment,Ning Hao’s drama is not bad,Waiting for the shooting, there is a surprise。
Several roles,I have to pick a few people from the company.,Arrange them to play,Fat water does not flow out,By the way, I also exercise them.。”
Ning Hao,Yu Rui turned his head recommended Wang traffic。
“Let him pick it yourself,If you feel, let him play,Don’t barely。”Wang traffic is slightly sinking,Faint。
Just say how to make Ning Hao yourself feel,He also does not improve his eyes to force an insert in the crew.。
“There are not a few characters in the play.,I have to wait until the end of the year.,Now just June,At least half a year,What does it take to exercise on this drama?。
I want to exercise new people,Still you have to find other resources。”
点:“You are rare to come over,Several artists who come in and come in are also,Do you want me to convene people?,Let you see?”
Wang flows up,Artists are the core of an entertainment company,He is a boss,It is also really seen to see it.。
“alright,You go to call people,I will see it.。”
“it is good,I will arrange this.。”Ninghao should be under,Fast out of the door。
Training room。
Company deliberately prepares artists,Places used to train。
Yihua Anyone receives notice,All was collected here,I heard that the boss is going to see them.,Crowd or nervous、Excitement、Or curious,Three three two two,Whispering。
Chen Yuwei and Lin Yi are also there.,And the two people have talked.,Just make together。
“I heard that our boss is the most recent news reported.,I didn’t expect to see him so much.,Suddenly feel so excited。”
“Me too。”
“I don’t know what he suddenly wants to see.,So big boss,Will it be very strict?,Earn a small goal,In case he also gives us a small goal.,Let us earn a billion for him,Then our pressure can be too big.。”
“Hahaha,It’s likely.。”
The king has come to the company before,Although there is no foreign news in the acquisition of Yihua,But the company’s internal people know,Everyone entered the company,Alever or more know。
Chen Yuwei and her own caralen people are in a piece,Excited 叽 说 有 说 有。
Lin Yiyi listened to the more,Plug-in:“that……Are you talking about our boss??You all know him?”
“You have not heard?”