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Black left。

White to the right。
Two colors,Gradually condensed into two eyes, black and white。
Just like his eyes。
Left black and right white!
Sweat drenched his face。
He wanted to grab Yan Ruyu by the collar,One question:“How much do you see?”
But he didn’t ask,because,Yan Ruyu is still watching,and,With Yan Ruyu constantly looking up,His eyes have changed again。
Black to right。
White left。
Everything seems to start to reverse。
The two colors blend together mysteriously。
“yin and yang!!!”The old-fashioned mouth opened unconsciously,The reason is,He really saw‘yin and yang’,An orthogonal yin and yang。
“I seem to see it again‘Longevity’Two words,Did I see the top of Dao Palace at a glance?”Yan Ruyu suddenly spoke slowly。
“You saw the top of the mountain?!”The old way is stunned,then,His mood became extremely excited:“Then tell me,What did you see at the top of the mountain?”
“Longevity,Happy,Red dust,Inaction……”
“Apart from these?”