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This letter from Hou Sparrow is very sincere,It can be said that bringing Lei Tianzi is the gospel,However, Tianzi Lei saw through the information the unwillingness and cunning in the heart of No.。

Hornsparrow mentions one:“Afterwards only take a corner of the Black Jiao Xing。”
This sentence says,The post-war Black Jiao star belongs to the horns,Or only half of Black Jiaoxing、one third、One quarter of the site?What is the specific boundary??
No mention in the jade slip,This is the most obvious flaw,According to reason,Since it is an alliance,I’m going to explain everything in detail。
Since this is such a crucial point, it is vague,It’s tricky。
As early as fifty years ago,Su Qingmu is called Lei Emperor“Cunning as a fox”,Fifty years later, the Emperor Lei has not changed,Still an experienced cultivator。
Consider again and again,Lei Tianzi wrote a reply,There is only one word:“can。”
There are many explanations for this word,More vague than the letter from the horn。
Analyze,There are many uncertainties in this matter,First of all,The horn is not the biggest powerhouse of the horn tiger clan,In other words,Not a leader,He can be ranked third,There are two more prestigious before the horn,The more powerful tiger clan。
Followed by,Hornsparrow only talked about the alliance,Since it’s a war,There must be a pioneer、Details of attack route and time,All this is not mentioned in the jade slip。
The last point is,Is the troop strength in the horns’ hand enough to initiate a mutiny??
These three points boil down,It means that the fist of the bird is not hard enough,The outcome of this battle is unpredictable,The Black Jiao family itself is known for its powerful combat effectiveness,Lei Tianzi’s Lei Tian team crossed the starry sky to attack,It’s too dangerous。
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen Yue Lun please fight
Decided to fight Black Jiaoxing,Emperor Lei also has his own plan,He is not going to attack in the same way as the horn,But try to preserve strength,Tianzi Lei first publicized the status quo of the exiled Tiger Clan in the Black Jiaoxing among the soldiers of the demon repair,Those soldiers already have channels to guess and confirm the propaganda content,With Lei Tianzi’s deliberately exaggerated remarks,Prepared for mobilization before the war,Then shuffle the order of these tiger soldiers one by one,Lurk on the Black Jiao Star in the name of visiting relatives and friends。
It took too long to prepare before the war,There was an urgent urge on the bird,Lei Tianzi can’t help it,Prepare enough to reduce casualties,The lack of preparation can only be made up with the lives of the soldiers,The life of every soldier in the Thunder Team is extremely precious。
The Black Jiao family knows nothing about the coming war,Because hundreds of thousands of years,Humans have never attacked the Black Jiao family,Hei Jiao Xing has always been very safe。
Today’s tiger tribe has just had a battle with humans,Both sides suffered heavy losses,Did not restore combat effectiveness,It’s impossible to start a Star Wars。