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“it does not matter。”I shook my head gently,“Don’t be too embarrassed。”

I understand her situation,Now to her,To deal with threats from all sides。
It would be nice to be able to protect yourself,The thing about losing the car,Don’t say she can’t do it,I won’t let her do it。
“and so,The money,You must accept。”Yao Yun pushed the bank card in front of me。
I looked at the bank card,Her slender fingers,Ready to move。
this moment,I want to hold her hand。
I want to rush her into my arms again,Feel her warm and soft body。
Want to tell her,Everything i do for you,You can ignore the return。
but,I can’t。
I don’t deserve her。
And the relationship now,It’s the best way for us to get along,I can’t break。
“I can’t have。”I shook my head,“I said it a long time ago,I helped you this time,Nothing needed。”
Yao Yun looked up at me,What else do you want to insist on。
Maybe I really have a brain cramp,Actually said something,“You invited me to play for days,Enough。”