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The audience argued eagerly,The hall is very noisy,Until Bo/Color terminal announced the start of the second round。

1944year,Mountain city。
Everyone temporarily put aside the unhappiness with Kong Er,After settled down, I began to discuss how to get air tickets to Citi.,Li Suifeng suggested to go to the AIA Club to find out the news,There is the famous and high-end Jinjin Cave,Customers are either high-ranking officials or allied personnel in Ming,It’s easier to find out how to get a ticket to Citi。
Everyone agrees,And decided that Dr. Leonard and Yang Pingfan would go。
The forged identity of Dr. Leonard is a representative of Citigroup Otto Arms,Responsible for following up the use of the US-aided Thomson submachine gun,Identity information is true,Otto does have a delegated full representative,But he1943I will return to Citi at the end of the year。
After World Smash Bros.,Citigroup increases its aid to Ming State,Thousands of arms shipped,The supervisory role of one of his representatives has also become nameless,No one noticed when I left,Dr. Mi can just reproduce his identity directly。
As for Yang Pingfan, it’s easy to handle,Pretend to be Chinese American——Dr. Leonard’s bodyguard,By browsing historical data,The Citi passport in Yang Pingfan’s hands is more real。
Two people go out,Called a yellow car,Go straight to the AIA Club。
At the door,Xiaosi saw the two but didn’t step up to say hello,See what it takes,Who can come in yellow skin,Yang Pingfan has been to this time and space before,Knowing that these people only have money and no one,Know what rules,Throw out a one-dollar bill as a tip,Xiaosi, a hungry dog grabs shit,Hold the dollar bill tightly with both hands,Sichuan Opera changes its face,A wrinkled face immediately smiled into a chrysanthemum,Bent over and invite the two in。
Yang Pingfan strode forward and acted as a scavenger,The servant who came up to serve the receptionist was holding a dollar bill,No feeling of distress at all。
Anyway, they are all privately printed U.S. bills,use21Century technology reproduced20century40Dollar bills of the era,No one in this time and space can tell the truth from the fake。
The two have a rough look,I saw the exquisite decoration of the so-called AIA Club,White napkin,Shiny knife and fork,Crystal chandeliers,piano accompaniment,The atmosphere is very different from the noisy Mingguo local restaurants,Leonard’s gloomy mood is also more cheerful,Yang Pingfan’s heart sank,But the surface is still light。
The benefits of distributing wealth are obvious,The two became the focus in the lobby,Was invited into the private room,Soon the hotel manager leaned in,Two customers express their needs。
The manager was embarrassed,“This one,You know,It’s wartime,There is still a war ahead,Even Citi,and also……”
Yang Pingfan said nothing,Throw out a stack of dollar bills,The manager’s eyes are almost bulging out,All100Denomination,My tongue didn’t stammer anymore,Pour beans and say,“It’s not difficult to go to Citi,But the cost is high,Ming Guo Airlines has irregular flights to Kolkata,It’s easy to go to Citigroup when you get to Tianzhu。