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First339chapter The boss thinks you can

Base time and space,A flash of white light,The traversing cabin with the breath of a thousand years appeared out of thin air,The staff who had been waiting for a long time came forward,Check the body of everyone in the crossing group,Receive the information collected by everyone,Due to improvements in traversal technology,This crossing,Although the time spent in history is long,But the flow velocity of the baseline time and space is only two months past.。
Liu Yuan came forward to give everyone a hug,It’s hard work,Then I found that one person was missing,“Something unexpected happened?”
“Xiao Ming wants to stay in that time and space,I agreed。”
Liu Yuan frowned,“People in the base time and space stay in the historical time and space,Although the creation of parallel universes will not have any impact on us,But the impact of quantum entanglement,There is no way to evaluate……”
Yang Pingfan froze for a while,“Do you want to cross back and bring him back?”
Liu Yuan waved his hand,“That’s not necessary,Just one person,I can’t make any waves,I respect your decision,Take a good rest,During this time everyone relax。”
Everyone left,Go home and find each mother,But I don’t know that in just two months,Many big things happened in this world。
Back in time two months ago,Idavia Edge Jungle。
In the jungle,laser3dThe camouflage system is still running,The air is full of damp heat,The sunlight is cut by the lush leaves into patches of mottled light,Exudes a trace of heat,Guo Xiong looks at the numbers on the watch,Feel a little dry in the throat,Training will be completed soon,This group of people,What will become?
Time goes through the countdown slowly,After a slight high-pressure deflating sound,Each training compartment cover slides open in turn,The trained soldiers opened their eyes,Slowly straighten up from inside,Climb out of the training cabin awkwardly。
Just back to reality,They are obviously a little unwell,Standing on the ground looks like you might fall at any time,But soon adapted to this conversion,200Individuals quickly line up4row,Straighten up,Make a standard standing posture,Lizzie.Nick walked to Guo Xiong,Salute him a standard military salute。
Guo Xiong looked at what was in front of him200Soldiers,More than ten days ago,They still look blank,The simple young man who saw the training cabin thought it was a coffin,And now,Each of them,All face is fortitude,There is no simplicity and blankness in his eyes,Replaced by murderous and indifference,As someone who has been on the battlefield,Guo Xiong knows this expression and look,Only for veterans who have survived a hundred battles,But these people……