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Challenge mode is held every six months,Live match schedule,Spectators who did not participate can wearVRGlasses get the first view,Watch free,Of course,As an ancestral skill,Free means advertising is essential。

Besides,Audiences can also place bets on players they support,The contestant will allocate 10% of the bet amount to the betting players,So the final prize is only a small head,For popular players,As long as the performance is good enough,The betting amount just divided is an astronomical number,Free lifetime membership,What’s up。
Great rewards which also means,To attract more bets,Players must make themselves stronger,More weird,More attractive and viewing,It also allows the audience to focus on themselves,Believe that you are the ultimate winner,Such a rule,It also means that the competition intensity of the challenge mode will go straight to the hell difficulty level。
in**Place,Zhang Xiaoming gives everyone the rules of popular science,“Challenge mode is divided into three levels,The first level is Hurricane,Contestants will circle the equator,If you arrive at the end within the specified time, you will be successful。”
Yang Pingfan disagrees,“Isn’t it a drag racing?,I’m good at this。”
Li Lan is beside,Sorrowful,“If just drag racing,Then it’s not worth seeing,This track,In addition to the highly realistic natural environment,Various famous monsters in film and television literature from various countries in history will appear,Besides,Hum,In order to attract the audience to invest the chips on themselves,Players must prove their worth in front of the audience,The most effective way is to rub the competitor on the ground,The cooler the friction method, the more eye-catching。”
Yang Pingfan suddenly realized,“I understand,Except withNPCFight,Have to fight against competitors,Exciting enough,I like。”
Talking room,Everyone on the virtual track**Preparation before the start,Yang Pingfan chose a retro Mercedes-Benz300SLSports car,In the real world,This is the first one to use an EFI engine as standard,Classic sports car with Bosch oil injection,That pair“Ou Yi”The door is also unique,Full of classic colors,It also has a wide range of customer customization options,This includes3Available suspension systems and personal custom painting,Make it full of cool colors,Li Lan as the co-pilot。
the other side,Zhang Xiaoming chose the Jackal single fighter,At first Yang Pingfan thought Zhang Xiaoming was fancy,Until**,I realized that I was still too young。
Said a good racing game,But the normal styling cars on site are a minority,Because the track is very humanely designed into a three-channel mode including sea, land and air modes,Which track can you go to the end,You can even channel,Therefore, all kinds of modified tanks,Armored car,tractor,aircraft,spaceship,motorcycle,All kinds of weird ships,Assault vehicles and even burrowing excavators have,Yang Pingfan even saw a very familiar red hovercraft,After thinking about it, I found out that it came from Jackie Chan《Hong Fan District》incosfrom,Really complete the sea, land and air。
Loras team also appeared,Their tool is similar toF22Fighter,A red and blue PeterbiltPeterbilt 389 Towing truck head,One from the red policecosLight Prism Tank,Only missing Olia。
Both sides looked at each other and smiled,it is more than words。
A cannon,The game officially started,Loras team rushed out first,The Prism Tank has a speed that does not match its body shape,To catch up with the speed of a fighter,Both up and down,Guarding the Peterbilt truck。
Yang Pingfan’s team is for the sake of safety,Did not choose to join the first group at the initial stage,But to follow the army,The first quarter is all kinds of extreme natural weather,The test is the adaptability of the contestants,Pure hardware,After knocking out some contestants,Zhang Xiaoming’s voice came from the headphones:“Pay attention,Let’s start serving,Welcome to Jurassic。”
Zhang Xiaoming’s voice just fell,Accompanied by a long melodious chant,A group of pterosaurs that appeared out of thin air rushed into the team,The pterosaurs are fierce and violent,Indiscriminately attack the contestants,Flexible body and sharp claw blade,Are all big killers,I saw chaos in the team,All kinds of explosions and flames soar into the sky,Billowing smoke,The participating teams were in chaos,Public channel,Various exclamations,Curse,Scream,The command counterattack is noisy,More lively than the vegetable market。
Yang Pingfan played this for the first time,Can’t help but take a breath,“hiss,This is too exciting。”
But I heard Zhang Xiaoming scream in the headphones,Jackal fighter turned a corner,Rush straight to the center of the most intense battlefield。
Yang Pingfan was taken aback,“What is he going to do?”
Li Lan pouted,“The tools and characters destroyed here,Will drop gold coins and equipment,Just like the previous online games,Whoever picks it up,All of these require real world real money, silver, krypton, or completion of various tasks in the Internet of the brain.,The reason why the prizes are so generous, but not everyone participates,For this reason,After all hard workNMore energy and money,Once hit hard,That is to return to the whiteboard trumpet,Not everyone can afford it。”