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The other more than 9,000 sergeants of the Shenjia Hero Division led by him are distributed in the starry sky over one million kilometers.,Dispersion of military power is not conducive to combat,Most people are on guard duty,Prevent sneak attack by demons。

The forward sergeant who landed on the ground soon returned news:“Below is the gathering place of the human race,It looks like a fifth-tier continent,There are only immortal cultivators,We have felt the repulsive force from the will of heaven and earth。”
The so-called rejection of the will of heaven and earth,The immortal cultivator who came to this planet is too high,Not adapt to the environment here,The strongest time will be wiped out by the will of heaven and earth,Anyway, a strong man like Jin Wuji didn’t dare to go on,Only immortal cultivators in the infantile period are barely accepted,The so-called feelings of rejection are the powerful。
The world below turned out to be Human Race?
Jin Wuwei hurriedly passed the news he got to Lei Tianzi,This human cultivator who has been in the stars for decades is also surprised,Think again:“Those people on Star Battleship are tens of millions of years away,What has changed in the origin star field is unknown,Generally speaking,A civilization can be born in thousands of years。”
Thought of here,Lei Tianzi ordered:“Organize a team composed of all immortal cultivators in the Locking Stage,The quantity is about 10 million.,In units of 100,000,The sergeants of the Shenjia Heroes still monitor the movement of the clouds in the four directions in the stars,Don’t be lazy,Offenders。”
Immortal cultivators rarely come out to perform missions,They are all family members or descendants of Team Thunder,Cultivation base is not high,I don’t have much time to practice,Very loyal to Emperor Lei,Most people are on military missions for the first time,There is a little excitement in my heart。
Here is Jin Wuxi’s experience,Let’s talk about Zhai Jun’s way,I also met the cultivators of the human race,The Xiuyu Continent they entered has powerful people,Belongs to the sixth level continent,Most of the divine armor masters led by Zhai Jun are immortal cultivators,A few officers are powerful,Already connected with the local human race,Are exchanging and discussing some news that each other knows。
The last team led by Pang Duoer had a different experience.,After two months of voyage, they reached the vicinity of the planet Emperor Huilu,In the starry sky, there was a fierce battle with the Demon Cultivator。
There are only more than 10,000 people on the side of Shenjia Hero,There are more than 10,000 people on the Mozu side,Less than 20,000 people,After half an hour of fierce battle, Pang Duoer was wiped out。
She is a real fairy,One person can wipe out the demon cultivators,Pang Duoer didn’t get started this time,Only the sergeant of the god armored master killed the demon cultivator。
What surprised Pang Duoer was,The demons that have been wiped out have less than 100 million human races,Human race is installed in the magic space,Most of the immortal cultivators who were rescued were from the Suo Dan and Gu Ji period.,They said that the demons once revealed some untrue news,Maybe take them to the demons’ settlement to dig something。
Since there are no demon cultivators left,No one knows the truth。
Tianzi Lei ordered the release of those immortal cultivators who had a low level of cultivation,Let Pang Duoer continue to explore,The first battle with the demons did not suffer from the divine armor hero,And the demon cultivators have no special skills,Only then did Emperor Lei boldly order Pang Duoer not to come back,It takes time for them to go back and forth。
Because the army of Pang Duoer encountered the demon cultivator,Lei Tianzi, who was in the base camp, then dispatched the Lei Tian Clan of the First Legion personally led by his wife Dong Chan’er.,Dong Chan’er hasn’t commanded frontline sergeants for a long time.,This time is the first time that broke the sky,She has 10 million masters of the gods,Cold stabbing five thousand people,Three hundred million sergeants of the three Thunder Team Corps,All of a sudden, half of the legion power directly under Lei Tianzi was allocated。
Lei Tianzi, with rich combat experience, had a foreboding that the war situation in the Origin Star Region was not optimistic.,Focus most of the military power on combating the demons。
The army led by Dong Chan’er is not a one-time investment,Instead, they were divided into twenty echelons to assist Pang Duoer’s vanguard,Under her command, there are three true celestial powerhouses from the monster race personally ordered by Lei Tianzi to assist in the battle.。