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After that is the history that everyone knows,Chu people retaliate wildly,Kill first,Massacre and thrown in Xianyang to win the Qin clan,Burn Xianyang again,The last massacre,Turn Guanzhong into a thousand miles of red land,Later, he fought with Han Gaozu Liu Bangchu and Han for four years,Finally died in Gaixia in embarrassment。

Xu Fu leads the surviving Ying clan on the Longxi grassland,Practice the Five Elements Wind and Thunder,Secretly accumulate strength,Seeing that the magic is about to be completed,But did not expect,An elite cavalry,Falling from the sky one night。
Xu Fu’s return from overseas is highly confidential,But the historians are straightforward,Still record his meeting with Prince Qin in the Wang Family Classics,But I didn’t think it was because of this that brought them annihilation。
Xianyang was first attacked by Liu Bang,Liuhou Zhang Liang sent someone to receive all treasury documents at the first time,Account book information,So I avoided the subsequent burning city of Xiang Yu,It is these case files,Let the Han family know the existence of Longxi Ying。
Xiuxian,Five Elements Wind and Thunder,No one can resist such a big temptation,No one wants to put any force under his nose,So after stabilizing the internal situation,The Emperor of Han dispatched the most elite cavalry immediately to sweep Longxi。
A melee,Victory tribes died in battle,The surviving population fled west overnight,Escape into the vast desert,Finally taken in by the Mobei Huns。
Suffered this,Winning surname population does not exist,If it is an internal marriage,Can’t support the tribal population at all,So the surviving elders decided after discussing,Code the remaining population as Yin Yang Gate,Intermarried with the Xiongnu Shanyu and nobles,And teach the five elements wind thunder technique to the children of the Xiongnu nobles,So as to get their protection and promise to counterattack the Central Plains。
The next hundred years,Learned the technique of yin and yang, the big Huns and the big Han started a continuous melee,Repeatedly won early,So that the Han court had to get married,However, the Central Plains can come out in large numbers,It is also the emergence of a god of war like the champion Hou Huo Qubing,The big man reversed the offensive in one fell swoop。
To the back,Han General Huo Qubing went deep into Mobei,In one fell swoop, hit the headquarter,Except for the noble Xiongnu,Many yin and yang children were also captured,It’s a pity that the yin and yang gate has been hit repeatedly,The skill of cultivating immortals has long been lost,The Han emperor only caught some people who mastered the five elements,What’s the use。
The surviving yin and yang children in order to avoid revenge,Moved westward with the remnants of the Huns,Marriage with other tribes along the way,There are fewer and fewer signs of winning,Although I think I am a Chinese tribe,But just from the appearance,Is no different from Hu Ren。
The old man continued to talk,There is no sound in the hall except breathing,Everyone else is lost in thought,Silent,They all know the past of the tribe,But at this moment,My heart is still heavy。