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The eyebrow ruler sounds thoughtful,The secret voice just stopped,He nodded,“I believe you,Give it to you。”

After speaking, he raised his hand to draw the blue sword from his shoulder,Smoothly cut forward from the back nape,The head fell on the moss on the ground,A plume of blood rose to the sky,Hula la,Startled the jackdaw in the woods,The noisy voice spread far in the sky。
The eyebrow ruler succumbed to death,Didn’t fall down immediately,Stand tall,Even used the last remaining power to hand the sword to the person in front of him。
People in the pre-Qin era,Just so bold,Righteousness,Light life,This is an open-mindedness that puts life and death away,Shaped the integrity of this nation。
“Ha ha!”
Son of Mountain God takes the sword in one hand,Shake gently,The blood on it is gone,He bent down,Hold your hair in one hand,Lift the head of the eyebrow ruler,To the hot dead lips,Kiss twice,And smile sharply。
Laughter instantly spread among the cedar trees,The smell of blood has spread far away,Deep in the jungle,With a group of phosphorous eyes flashing,Suddenly approaching,Hear the hungry wolf gasping。
Hungry wolf is very hungry,Even if there is a living person standing beside the dead,They can’t care,Howl loudly,The strongest wolf pounced,Tsing Yi tearing the ruler between the eyebrows,Nib a piece of flesh and blood in the second bite,Russian,The body of the eyebrow ruler was torn apart,And then disappear,The wolves are so hungry,Even the blood stains were licked up instantly,Quiet in the woods,I can only hear the sound of chewing bones。
The son of the mountain god stood beside him quietly,Watching the wolves complete their funeral,But one eyebrow ruler can’t feed a pack of hungry wolves,The wolves coming from behind can’t get a bite of it,Dissatisfied,After a low bark,The strongest wolf that came afterwards rushed towards the son of the mountain god。
The Son of the Mountain God sneered,There was a cold wind in the jungle,I saw him wave the green sword,A flash of blue light flashed in the eyes of the pack of wolves,The wolf’s head that fell on him fell on the moss on the ground。
Follow behind the wolf,The wolves who are ready to share the pie see it,Transfer target,I tore out the wolf’s skin in the first bite,The body is gone in the second bite,The blood stains were also licked up instantly,I can only hear the sound of chewing bones。
The son of the mountain god, he has picked up the Tsing Yi on the ground,Wrap the head of the eyebrow ruler,And Qingjian are both on their backs,Turn around,Walked towards the royal city in secret。
He just took a step,The hungry wolves let out a low roar,Seems threatening,Son of the Mountain God looks back,I saw the first group of wolves that had just buried the eyebrow feet automatically dispersed,Only those few eyes are green,Hungry wolf。
“It looks like I have to give you some sacrifices first,You are willing to feel a little more at ease。”
The son of the mountain god mumbles to himself,Slowly pull away the cyan sword。
A few mournful wailings went straight to the sky,The other group of wolves who had dispersed long ago stood still,Shrug,Sticking out tongue,Panting,Look back,With green eyes watching the man walk away。
The son of the mountain god walked towards the king’s city in secret,Sing a song with a sharp sound:
Haha, love, love, love!