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How to make cyberspace more integrity?

Strengthening the integrity management of cyberspace is an important aspect of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period "promoting integrity culture, promoting integrity construction", and network technology is an important starting. What are the positive role of network technology to strengthen network space integrity? What issues are facing using network technology to strengthen network space integrity? The student student invites Professor Jiang Xiaochao Professor of the School of Public Administration of Tsinghua University to analyze. The words are reasonable: What constraints have been made for online space untrustworthiness? What is the active role in network technology in network space integrity? Jiang Xiaoxin: There are a variety of restraint mechanisms for social untrustworthiness, such as reputation constraints, market constraints, regulatory constraints, legal constraints.

With the development of network technology, network technology constraints have been added.

Network technology constraints are not only strong, but also enable other mechanisms to enhance the level of social integrity management.

Network technology has spawned the technical system of the e-commerce trading payment system, which helps to explore the faction behavior and record the storage, improve the cost of untrustworthiness; high-efficiency and aggregation, communication related information, further strengthen the reputation constraint mechanism; Network technology collection analysis related information, quickly discovering unusible faith, identifying abnormal phenomena, thereby maintaining supervision; empowering consumers, through review, feedback, re-selection, etc., more effectively maintained their rights, participate Social integrity management; empowering platform companies bear coordination and supervision duties, standardize the order of enterprises; etc. The words have been reasonable: What progress has been made in promoting network space integrity management in recent years? What else can I improve? Jiang Xiaoxin: Administrative supervision and legal supervision is an important means of strengthening network space integrity management, which can have a lasting binding force to network space.

In recent years, my country has introduced a series of laws and regulations such as network security law, e-commerce law, and Internet information service management methods, etc. The relevant departments are constantly improving the institutional mechanism for the promotion of enterprise information disclosure, and the information symmetrical in network market transactions. As my country’s network market is getting more mature, companies also attach importance to consumer experience and their own image, objectively facilitate network space integrity management.

Strengthen network space integrity management, need government departments to strengthen the ability of network technology management network, especially the monitoring, warning, discovery, disposal ability to network illegal behavior, and strengthen the society of implementing platform companies in network space integrity management Responsibility. Rumin: Network space integrity management usually faces different governance objectives and governance methods, how to balance these goals and means to achieve the best governance effect? Jiang Xiaoxin: Strengthening Network Space Integrity Management is a complex system engineering that needs to be well-planning between different goals and different governance means. First, balance the development of personal data rights and digital industries.

Confirm the data is a production factor, confirming the two basic properties of the data: can advocate the rights and market transactions.

How to configure the ownership, use rights, income rights of data elements, etc., not only affect personal rights, but also affect the development of digital industries. In network space integrity governance, it is necessary to clarify basic rules, but also adhere to the times, and do a good balance between personal data rights protection and digital industrial development. The second is to strengthen the matching and balance of different governance methods. The network technology is high, the innovation is frequent, the change is rapid, and the latest technology has certain difficulties; the administrative supervision and legal supervision tasks are heavy, the challenge is large, sometimes it is difficult to see the effect immediately; fair competition and duplicate game can promote enterprise self-constraints, but a few companies do not Just as competitive behavior can also lead to inferior coins; consumers evaluate feedback mechanisms, but may also be misused. Only the best governance effect can only be achieved by strengthening the matching and balance between different governance. The third is to strengthen coordinating balance between comprehensive supervision and highlighting. It is necessary to achieve full coverage of the supervision of network space integrity, but also clearly focus on the field of supervision, especially products and services to relations people’s lives and physical health, which have significant negative external areas (if it may seriously affect social stability. Strengthen supervision in a false information, bad information, etc.

The fourth is to pay attention to the integrity of different network subjects, just select the combination of regulatory means and methods.

The fifth is to pay attention to the integrity of innovation in the network. Before investing in public resources in the innovation, it is accurately assessing its integrity, and the risk sharing mechanism is designed to realize effective incentives for innovation activities. (Significant Studio Zheng Yanbing Editor) (Editor: Wan Peng, Qinhua).