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Hebei nucleic acid testing institution provides 24-hour nucleic acid testing services to society

Original title: The nucleic acid testing institution in our province provides 24-hour nucleic acid testing services Hebei Province nucleic acid testing institutions provide 24-hour nucleic acid testing services to the nucleic acid detection of "Wishing to check the test", and strive to report results within 6 hours Strengthening nucleic acid testing services, from stricting the prevention and control of epidemic prevention, recently, Hebei Province according to the relevant requirements of the State Council’s association and control mechanism, requires all secondary and above comprehensive hospitals, infectious disease specialist hospitals, etc. The agency of nucleic acid detection capabilities provides 24-hour nucleic acid testing services to the society. At present, global epidemic is still spreading and presenting new features, multi-country relaxation control, reducing entry and exit personnel restrictions, China’s external defense input situation is grim, there are small-scale aggregated epidemic and sporadic dissection in China.

Nucleic acid detection is to discover the key technical means of new crown virus infection, which is important for timely detection of infectious sources, reducing the risk of excess of epidemic, and implementing "early discovery" is of great significance. In this regard, Hebei Province requires, all localities should further improve the political station, implement the party’s central, State Council decision-making deployment, and do not relax the external prevention input, internal defense rebound, expand the prevention of nucleic acid testing, further strengthen nucleic acid testing Organization deployment, serving the epidemic prevention and control overall situation.

Hebei Province requires, we must scientifically layout nucleic acid detection resources to implement grid setting management of nucleic acid detection mechanisms.

According to the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism, it is required to further promote the construction of new crown virus nucleic acid detection capacity construction. All secondary and above comprehensive hospitals, infectious disease specialists, all levels of disease control institutions should have nucleic acid detection capabilities and provide testing services. . It is necessary to divide the area in the jurisdiction into a number of grids. According to the principle, the principle of the nature, the medical institutions, disease control institutions, third-party testing institutions, the nucleic acid detection resources, realize the full coverage of nucleic acid detection services in the grid. When the nucleic acid testing mechanism provides 24-hour nucleic acid detection services, it is necessary to strengthen the nucleic acid sampling, send inspection, report all links. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of testing, the maximum effectiveness of nucleic acid detection equipment and equipment is used, on the basis of specifying feedback. Further shortening the nucleic acid detection results report time.

In particular, the nucleic acid detection of "is willing to check the test", it is necessary to strive to report the results within 6 hours, and push to the masses through the information means, encourage the detection amount, equipped with new crown virus nucleic acid fast check reagents and supporting equipment, reduce equipment waiting time.

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