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Hebei Well: Green Returns Happy "Speed"

From "Tibetan in the deep mountain," to the "national tourist introduction", located in Jingxi County, Hebei Province, in the depths of Taihang Mountain, in recent years, we will vigorously practice the concept of "two mountains", and gradually go out of the traditional old road of "mine dependence". I have a green development. More than 400 mines, more than 50 calcium carbonate companies, more than 500 coal yards … Jingxi County is located in the border of Jinjin, relying on rich mineral resources and Jin coal external operations main channel advantages, once the country’s largest calcium magnesium industry aggregation District and the country’s largest coal secondary trading market. After the "famous gas", it is the sewage cross flow, the smog lock city, the mountain "Thousands of holes" … "Mount the mountain and shoot, the road to eat the mountains can not go again.

"Wu Yuxi, secretary of the Jingxi County Party Committee, said. The county party committee, county government to prevent the resistance, promote the integration of mines: raising the funds for funds, incomplete funds billion yuan, integrate more than 50 calcium carbonate companies into 18, all achieve green energy Alternative; promote more than 500 coal yards, more than 20 coal coal mills, realize the coal trade to the big fortune, environmentally friendly logistics park. "Our new gravel aggregate production line adopts domestic first-class advanced equipment to achieve dust-free Mining, dust-free machining, dust-free transportation.

"Yan Yuxi, the head of the Maoxin Mining, said that the company focused on building green mines, science and technology mines, digital mines, smart mines.