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Comrade Chen Lu was pursued as the 8th National Moral Model.

On November 5, the 8th National Moral Model Symposium and Awarding Ceremony was held in Beijing. Chen Lu, the original political instructor of the fire rescue brigade in Qijiang County, Anhui Province, was awarded the title of "National Moral Model". Chen Luzheng, the party secretary, political instructor, and first-level commander fire rescue. The comrades always have the party loyalty, love and dedication, root base, selfless dedication, to promote the comprehensive construction of the grassroots team, optimize fire law enforcement services and participate in the 2008 Southern Rain and Snow, Sichuan "512" Wenchuan Earthquake and other major emergency rescue missions The middle performance is outstanding. On July 22, 2020, in the implementation of the fire rescue mission in the River Village, Qijiang County, the rescue evacuation of the trapped people, was approved as the martyrs and pursued a "Anhui Province Excellent Communist Party" "" Anhui " Youth Fourth Medal "" Anhui Wuyi Labor Medal ", 2020" The most beautiful emergency management worker ".

In June 2021, the Central Committee of the Communist Party conducted a title of "National Excellent Communist Party". In November 2021, the Human Resources Social Security Department, the Emergency Management Department pursued its "National Emergency Management System Level 1 Hero Model". Since the continuation of Chen Lu, the party committee of the Anhui Corps, the party committee of the Anhui Corps has actively take the initiative to do a good job of major typical trees in Chen Lu. In the team, we will have extensive study activities to Chen Lu, and continue to create a typical, advocating honor, catching superior advanced A strong atmosphere.

At all levels, I will have an opportunity for Chen Lu as an opportunity of the eighth national moral model, combined with the national emergency management system advanced model and fire-fighting loyalty guards commended the spirit of learning, the advanced learning, the first and advance, catch up with advanced learning boom, continue to guide All the warfaremen are courageous, active as, perform their duties, and struggle to work in the fire protection work and team construction in the province, as a pioneer. (An Yuki).