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China Railway Shenyang Bureau: Warm passenger

In less than a week, Southeastern Inner Mongolia, China and Western, Liaoning Province, the western part of Jilin, etc., there is a large blizzard, and the wide history of influence is rare; the maximum snowfall is more than 1 meter, the strongest wind is 11, breakthrough in 1951The historical extreme value since the weather record.During the period, 11 railway lines totaled 1829 kilometers to supply electricity to the net, four railway lines occurred in the snow buried line, some trains were late or stopped – but the 200,000 cadres of the China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Company quickly attacked, staying all night,High-spirited and forgot me spirit, winning a fight against disasters on the Wanli Railway line to ensure a smooth battle of transportation.

The pre-deployment of scientific and powerful command is expected in accordance with the Middle, Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other meteorological departments. Shenyang Bureau Group Company has issued bad weather warnings in advance to launch an emergency plan. The main leaders of the pre-organized transportation, passenger, freight, machine, working, electricity, power supply, dispatching and other departments analyze the impact of the harsh weather on railway work, research and formulation plan. Many convene a special conference and key unit dialogue, focus on doing a good idea of ??snow and transportation organizations, and put forward the key key to the snowfast, the high-speed railway, coal transportation channels, and group stations, strengthen the on-site transportation organization, and ensure the trunk line Unlike the coal transportation channel.

From November 6, Shenyang Bureau Group Corporate has dispatched nearly 70,000 in the snowman, and the ice-free homogeneration is conducted 24 hours.

Works system allocated five short weather warning information, strengthen information analysis is sent; the vehicle service system does emergency command, fixed person to determine, and take the intercourse to do a good job in cutting operation; the power supply system has a good emergency treatment, worth The personnel have 189 on-site observation points, 204 emergency points, and the power system is deeply in-depth main hub and key station to carry out all-weather package security; the main system is focused on the passenger car, the key segment is added to the package, strengthen the pair The attendance guidance of the locomotive, the situation is unknown, the observation is difficult, and the abnormal depth is appropriate or parking inspection. The train arranges cadres to add boost, and do a good job in passenger pool. In response to the sudden drop of temperature, the station has a non-slip floor, and the rapid passenger train is fully equipped with a cold pad to ensure the safety of passengers. With snow, ensure that the dry line is unblocked, and the extreme weather is tested.

On November 8th, in the continuous snowing time of more than 50 hours, the night temperature is at zero 20 ° C, the snow is the most depth of 1 meter, the blizzard puts the way, the steel is entire "snow".

Snow buried line disasters occur in multiple sections of New Tong high-speed rail, which seriously affects the order of transportation. Shenyang Bureau Group Company has continued to organize Shenyang Working Machinery Section, and the new works section of the Fuxin Works will advance to the new high-speed railway, and the line is fully cleared, and there are more than 40 hours of snow, and continue to restore the new high-speed rail transport order. . Not only newcoming lines.

Extreme weather also leads to the extrachrink of the iron road and other railway roads such as Zhuhuo, Da Zheng, Pingqi, Jingtong.

In the past few days, on the main trunk of Shenyang Bureau, Shen Da, Tonghu, etc. in the Shenyang Bureau Group Corporation, a column of scraped cranes on the night, and the "Battle of Breaking".

At present, the Shenyang Bureau Group has installed 294 ice skates, and 2021 scraped ice locomotives were processed, and the scrape train was run. Ding Weiming, the driver of Jinzhou Locomotive Sites, Ding Weiming, due to the snow in Shenshan Line, the daughter station, has continued to ride 77 hours, always stick to the position, highlight the awareness of the overall situation; Tongliao locomotive section 20 train drivers is widowed deep snow, help the front OK, 300 m roads have taken 40 minutes to ensure that the electric coal train is normal.

At present, the entire cadres and workers of the Shenyang Bureau Group, rose the wind and rain, crushing the ice and snow, always fighting in the first line of the ice and snow, accumulating the 41 km of the snow road, 121 kilometers, to ensure the safety of the aircraft barrier.

Let the masses warm the winter to protect passengers travel "Extreme weather must not affect the transportation of electric coal transportation, we must fully guarantee the smoothness of the channel, let the people warm the winter!" Holin Gol operation and repair section, Tongliao car segment, Tongliao station and other units overnight , Do not interrupted the snow in the tube within the tube.

On November 6, Tongliao station has a total number of quantities throughout the day, creating the highest record since the Construction of 10 years.

The rain and snow, the weather leads to some highways in the Northeast China, the civil aviation is out of service, the passenger flow is flourishing to the railway, bringing more pressure to the transportation work.

The majority of passenger workers of Shenyang Bureau Group Company continued to fight at work, providing passengers with warm and thoughtful service.

Tongliao, Fuxin, Jinzhou, Shenyang, etc. are more affected by extreme weather, and do their best to remove snow and laid the mats in key points, and clean the platform at any time to prevent passengers. Changchun, Changchun North, Jilin and other stations have added a mobile infrared thermometer to provide convenient conditions for passengers.

All stations also adjust the number of streamline and security channels in time in time, reducing passengers gathering, and actively doing out of the epidemic prevention and control while dealing with rain and snow. Up to now, all stations are prepared for 8.03 million yuan, and 191 sales refund windows, and the accumulated refund is 10,000 yuan. The weather is affected by the weather, and Ningbo to Changchun K337 trains cannot operate normally, and the evening is 7 and a half hours.

Two former 70s of the old people did not come to the seat due to hypoglycemia dizziness. After the Jilin Passenger Transport Section, Liu Yang was discovered, immediately went to the dining car to take the rice porridge to feed the elderly, and the old man has improved.

When the train arrived at Meihekou Station, the food staff found Liu Yang, informing the number of foods, the number of foods is not enough, Liu Yang immediately contact Meihekou Station to make food in time, guarantee the train food supply … After a few hours, I can’t drink a breath, my scorpion is dumb I still adhere to the travelers; there is no dinner for 8 hours, but they are competing for the coordination of the relevant units to distribute emergency foods for passengers. They are praised by passengers.

A touching scene, a moving story. In the face of the disaster, Shen Tieman fully demonstrates the spiritual style of difficulty, brave in hard work, and practices the vows of "the people’s railway for the people".

At present, the safety of the Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. is safe and orderly, and the trunk and coal transportation passages are smooth and efficient, and the transport order is gradually recovering. Source: China Network (Wu Ge Guo Lei Liu Jiannan Han Qingzhen).