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"Constructing cultural children to help the poverty" and the first bonfire party of Huang Mishan

"Building a culture of culture, helping the poverty" and the first bonfire party of Huang Misshan, the start of the Yellow Mount of the Northern Shaanbei, is not only the specific embodiment of the four son long construction. It is also the advantage of the local cultural system to create precision poverty alleviation projects. The actual initiative to deal with poverty is, it is a rare opportunity for Huang Mishan relying on cultural resource endowment and innovation. It also carries the arbitrary expectations of Huang Mishan village father and the villagers. By building a comprehensive project with a cultural and distinctive characteristics of Northern Shaanxi cultural experience, it has a comprehensive project with a distinctive characteristic of Northern Shaanxi culture, and has a development of cultural tourism industries in the development of Huang Mishan Village and adjacent villages. Country, relying on the happiness of poverty in the special industry to get rich and rushing. Zhang Shiqi, member of the Sublogging Committee, and Minister of Propaganda, said that the construction of Huangmishan Wenchong Base in Northern Shaanbei will drive Huang Mishan Village and surrounding poor people to get rich, promote the development of beautiful rural construction and rural cultural tourism industries in the city, in order to build wealth, culture, Lifetime, happy new children lay a more solid foundation.

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