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"The Zhenxing Development Promotion Regulations of the Henan Provincial Revolutionary Old Areas will be implemented on October 1

  Xinhuanet Zhengzhou September 17 (Fan Xiang Ni Sha) September 16th, the Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference, introduced the "Regulations on the Promotion of the Promotion Development Promotion Development of Henan Province" (hereinafter referred to as "Ordinance") related content "Regulations" 56, divided into total, infrastructure construction, industrial development promotion, public service guarantee, ecological environment protection, red gene inheritance, guarantee supervision mechanism, legal responsibility and approvals.

  Henan Province is one of the provinces of the national revolutionary old district. There are 122 counties (cities, districts) in the province, including 78% of the total number of counties (cities, districts) in the province; 55.65 million population of the province’s revolutionary old district, accounting for 56% of the total population of the province; the province’s revolutionary old area The land area is 10,000 land area, accounting for 62% of the province. Most of Henan revolutionary old district concentrated on mountain, mountains and rivers, rich resources. "Regulations" adhere to the green mountains and the development concept of Jinshan Yinshan, clearly stipulates that the people’s government at the county level in the revolutionary old district will strengthen the ecological environmental protection in the revolutionary old district, and promote the revolutionary old district. Development and ecological environment. Protection, people’s livelihood guarantee mutual coordination. It is reported that Henan Province will borrow "Regulations" to further strengthen the protection of red resources in the old district, increase the revolutionary historical memorial facilities, hero martial arts memorial facilities and revolutionary site, site and other facilities protection support, accelerate the implementation of the capital revolution in the Euji District The transformation of the Museum and the Shan Zhuogou Revolutionary Memorial Hall and actively promote the construction of the National Cultural Park (Henan Section).

Constantly excavation of red cultural resources, do a good job in the spiritual research and creative transformation of Dabie Mountain, launch high-quality red literary products and characteristic publicity activities to create a nationally renowned red cultural inheritance area.