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US State: Qatar will become the United States in the interests of the Afghanistan.

On September 9, the local time, Afghanistan Kabul, with the full withdrawal of the US military, after the Taliban, Afghanistan, took over the first international flight from Kabul International Airport.

  Bulin said that according to the agreement signed by both parties, Qatar will help the United States to deal with some foreign affairs in Afghanistan, including consular services and monitoring the security of US diplomatic facilities in Afghanistan.

Brinden stressed that the incident occurring in Afghanistan has deepened the partnership between the United States with Qatar in the past few months.Muhammad said Qatar will continue to promote peace and stability in the region. The current primary task is to ensure that humanitarian relief supplies can arrive at Afghanistan.

Muhammad also said, "Abandoning Afghanistan will be a huge mistake, at any time, never solve the problem."

  A department will set up a department in the Afghan Embassy to be responsible for the United States related foreign affairs in Afghanistan.At the same time, Qatar will continue to provide travel assistance to Afghans holding a US special immigration visa.