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"Red May · Jiayou" held in 2021, the startup ceremony of the Rooyum Peak Wuyi Carnival Series

The event site. (The scenic spot is mapped on May 1st, "Red May · Jiayou" 2021, the launching ceremony of the Raohu Peak Wuyi Carnival series activities was held in the Shengyang County Turtle Scenic Area. Turtle Peak Scenic Area, as a leader of the development of the Shuyang Tourism Industry, combines the world’s natural heritage, the world geological park, the national landscape area, the national 5A-level tourist area, the national forest park, the national water conservancy scenic spot, etc.

Here, Danxia scenery is beautiful, and a bay lake is clear and blue, and the ecological environment is fresh and quiet. Danshan clear water natural color, has achieved the reputation of "Jiang Shang Turtles".

In the past year, the impact of the epidemic, the tourism economy is challenged.

Turtle peak scenic spot, in the end of the epidemic prevention and control, foreign diploma, passed the new media matrix sales, business improvement, environmental reform, resource integration, management system reform, etc., Turtle peak tourism economic development Raising.

According to the data center and smart regulatory platform data in Jiangxi Province, the Turtle Peak Scenic Area has jumped out of the province from 15 out of the province, 15 consecutive days. It is understood that the May Day Carnival series will last for five days (1 day to 5). The "Trend Rainbow Rail", Xiangyang cavity into the Turtle Literature and Art Performance, Food Festival, Hanfu Show, National Photography Competition, Calligraphy into Turtle Peaks, etc. Let everyone walk into the peaks together, taste the food, and the native rhyme , Enjoy the beauty, take the film, find the 峰 异 异, feel the classic of Turtle Peak, retain the moments of Turtle Peak. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Li Zhongyuan).