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The Fed officials believe that the epidemic will seriously affect the US economy

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, August 19 (Reporter Xu Hao) US Federal Reserve Board’s July Monetary Policy Meeting July shows that the US Federal Reserve officials believe that the new crown epidemic will seriously affect the US economy, employment and inflation levels, And constitute a major risk in the mid-economic prospects. The Federal Reserve officials pointed out that the recent US consumer spending rebounded, but the company’s management has low degree, and the enterprises in all jurisdictions are still very high.

Especially in mid-June, the epidemic in the United States is continuously spread in the United States.

The Federal Officials believe that the overall situation of financial institutions, including banks, is in good condition, but if the epidemic continues to spread, the US financial system may bear huge pressure.

Since the epidemic has led to a sharp decline and the unemployment rate, the US Congress supports damaged industries and small businesses through large fiscal bills, and these measures have led to a sharp rise in the federal government debt. Participation officials believe that US Treasury bonds are expected to continue to increase, and high-level national bonds in the next few years may affect market operations.

The Fed held monetary policy conference on July 28th to 29th, and announced that it will maintain the federal fund interest rate target interval between zero to%, and reiterate US economic prospects will be largely dependent on the progression of the epidemic.

At the same time, the Fed indicates that the ultra-low interest rate is maintained until it is believed to have the economy of the crisis and embark on the two major targets of the maximum employment and price stability. The data released by the US Department of Commerce shows that the US actual domestic product is calculated by annual rate in the second quarter of this year, and the maximum decline since its record in 1947.

The US Department of Labor shows that the US unemployment rate is% in July, far higher than the epidemic level. (Editor: Ai Wen, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.