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"Private public buildings" Build a sense of security happiness Road

"I’m here not only eat well live well, as well as comprehensive medical facilities, at home at ease, feeling very happy.

"This year 70-year-old Grandpa Wang Yuan long stay luzhai county pension apartment has been more than three years, the apartment is the county’s first" private public buildings "medical support in conjunction with one of the pension agency.

In recent years, services for the elderly to enhance the ability to speed up the pension business and industrial development, and actively explore Luzhai County Medical conservation combined with a comprehensive service system, the integration of civil affairs, health and other health sector resources, joint social forces, first built in Liuzhou "private public buildings" retirement project – Luzhai County long yuan pension apartment.

The so-called "private public buildings", is funded by the Government to build the infrastructure of the pension agency, and then tender, so that the community service groups or organizations to carry out specific management operations, providing life care for the elderly within the scope of the county, rehabilitation care, mental comfort, entertainment and other integrated services, to create the medical support for the health care service in conjunction with the new model features.

Luzhai County signed a long-yuan pension apartment just in the early days of the town luzhai Medical Center Hospital separated by a wall of support agreement, the hospital "Come in" retirement apartments, open up the wall by the hospital, the two sides communicate aisle, exchange management, resource complementary sharing.

In 2019, the medical center pension apartment building in accordance with standard hospital wards upgraded at the same time as clinics, hospice ward, ward of the hospital for the elderly with the required ECG, oxygen machines, breathing machines.

Here, the old man can enjoy periodic rounds of the hospital physician medical experts, such as found in the elderly require hospitalization, as long as the consent of their families, staff apartments for the elderly can be the first time referred to a medical center hospital inpatient, the elderly foot no family will be able to consult a doctor immediately, and for the families to solve problems and dietary care for the elderly during hospitalization, so that the "minor ailments do not go out, often illnesses within the building, serious illness through train", the elderly, families, retirement apartments and hospitals " win-win. "

"In the past, medical institutions and pension institutions are independent, convenient medical nursing homes, hospitals are unable to retirement, so that the elderly face a dilemma.

Today, medical support combine to create a new model of convergence play ‘keep’ and ‘doctors’, as security for the elderly medical care to create the conditions.

"The apartment Executive President Chen Ning introduction.

Luzhai County long yuan pension apartment that "nursing homes will be able to visit" model, currently just Luzhai County, and actively create a microcosm of the "private public buildings" medical care service support combined with the new model.

In recent years, Luzhai County actively guide primary care and pension institutions "marriage", and vigorously promote the new pension service model, create a set of daily care, health care and rehabilitation care in one of the doctors raised combination of institutions, pension and health care for the elderly to meet the dual demand, so that the elderly enjoy music happy old age.

The second half of 2019, the county to luzhai town homes for the elderly as the center to turn the river, four rows, in crossing the Peace Hill nursing home triangular fulcrum, reasonable co-ordination, scientific planning, in order to point, the five township nursing home as a package in the form of an open tender to the community, the successful introduction of Liuzhou mine construction of a hospital, set up the Liuzhou Luzhai Rui Yang medical investment Co., Ltd., and officially opened on New year’s Day last year, is responsible for five township nursing home operations management.

"Pension agency uses ‘public buildings private’ mode, both leveraging resources to revitalize the social pension idle resources, but also for the elderly to provide higher quality services, to create synergy ’12 + 1′, leading led the county pension services enhance the level. "Luzhai County Civil Affairs Bureau official says.

Next, Luzhai County will be combined with "I do practical things for the masses’ practical activities to further develop the medical support combined exploration and practice, signing system through the establishment of pension service agencies and medical institutions, and improve family doctor contracted services, etc., to form the medical institutions and pension institutions complement each other, mutual aid, interaction, fusion of the development pattern, to create a brand with a luzhai aging health service characteristics, to better serve the people. (Wang double) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Yumei) share to allow more people to see.